Reasons I Love Hockey: Goal Celebrations

I love when goals are scored, not necessarily because your team is now in the lead, although that’s always nice, but because you get to watch the guys celebrate.  The guy that actually scored the goal is usually pumped, but it’s also awesome how excited the rest of his team is.  I love how the guys on the ice have that group hug thing where they pat each other on the back, and the goal scorer thanks his line mate for the awesome pass.  Kes and Burr are especially great for this.  Burr likes to jump into Kes’ arms, or try to maul him against the boards. Hee.  It’s also adorable when a veteran pats a younger player on his helmet after a goal. 

The goal celebration isn’t left only to the dudes on the ice, which is cool.  The bench usually goes a little crazy too.  I like that the guys on the bench do that lean over/half stand thing to see it go in the net, and then they do that celebration dance with their sticks. 

I love that goal celebrations are so individual.  Some guys lift their stick in the air, some guys do a fist pump, some guys jump and slam against the glass.  The Sedins always lift their arms in the air.  I think my personal favourite is when Nazzy and Matty just give a little half smile.  I like that they’re humble and don’t need to showboat.  Something I love about Nazzy is that he always gets really pumped up when a young guy scores, or a guy that hasn’t scored in a long time gets one.  It’s sweet that he is way more excited for them than when he scores himself.  Goal celebrations are a small thing in hockey, but something I love to see.


                 Guys Celebrating Are Adorable


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