Trev Linden Gets Honoured. Is Awesome.




Trev Linden is being awarded the NHL Foundation Player Award for his charity work in Vancouver.  Vinny Lecavalier is the other recipient.  The full story is here.  That will be one hot award ceremony.  But seriously, I have always really admired Trev, and all the work he does in the community.  He definitely deserves this.  I’ve heard stories of him showing up at Ronald McDonald House at Christmas with presents for all the patients and their siblings, and he started the Trevor Linden foundation to further help children.  This is only a fraction of what he does.  His comments about receiving the award were very touching.  We were really lucky to have him play in Vancouver for so long.  The Canucks Place Children’s Hospice will be given $25, 000 by the NHL.  Canucks Place is a great organization, and the work they do for sick children is amazing.  I’ve given them a small donation a couple of times, mostly because of the ads the Canucks guys did with the kids, they worked well because they pulled at my heartstrings.  Here’s to you Trev, for being such a great person.


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