Chara Is An Adorable Giant And Holding My Attention More Than The Cup Finals

So these Cup finals have been pretty epic and exciting, eh?  Sigh.  The Red Wings are rocking their jaggernauty ways perfectly, and the Penguins look mostly pathetic.  I think the Penguins might have got a little comfortable in their overall easy coast to the Finals, and weren’t prepared for the Wings and their totally dominating team game.  Oh well.  Sid will just have to wait a few more years, until he can actually grow a beard, to win the Cup.  Some veterans retire and never get one, so I don’t feel too bad for him yet. 

I was kind of on the fence for a while, and pondering cheering for the Penguins, but after seeing Gary Roberts punch Johan Fransen in the head, who was one game back from a concussion, there’s no way I will.  I love hitting and love watching a good fight in hockey, but that was sorry.  And unnecessary.  I’m pretty much fully behind the Wings now.  But I do wish Osgood would stop diving.  It makes it hard to cheer for him completely.

Since these Finals have been quite boring, and just asking for my scattered attention, I find that Zdeno Chara is rather captivating me, and probably deserves more of my time.  Chara is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa to benefit the Right To Play organization.  I got the full story from Puck Daddy over on yahoo.  He’s even auctioning off a spot to climb with him on Ebay.  How adorable is that?  What an awesome thing to do in your off season.  I’ve had a soft spot for Chara ever since I watched him at the all star game this year, and this just makes me love him more. 


Such a cute giant. And so charitable.


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