Luc Bourdon 1987-2008


I was at work all day, and had no access to a radio or computer, and I came home to this tragic news.  Luc Bourdon died in a motorcycle accident.  He was just 21.  While I didn`t know Luc personally, I loved watching him play, and I was deeply saddened by this news.  It seemed like Luc was probably going to have his first full year in the NHL next season, and I’m sure he would have been a great player.  My favourite memory of Luc was watching him school all the other rookies in the dance off at the Dice and Ice event.  This accident is just absolutely shocking.  Life is so damn short.  My thoughts are with his family and friends at this horrible time. 

RIP, Luc.  You’ll be missed.


18 thoughts on “Luc Bourdon 1987-2008

  1. alix, this is a very touching post and a sweet tribute from a fan. My thoughts are with his family, and his extended Canucks family — I’m so sorry.

  2. Alix, when I read the news, I immediately thought of you. I guess you embody the Canuck fan for me. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, hockey family and fans.

  3. Indeed, Rinslet. He had his whole career ahead of him. Very, very, sad.

    Thanks, Myra. That’s very sweet that I embody the Canuck fan for you.

  4. Ugh me neither, Sarah. I cried last night too, and every time I read a sweet story about Luc, I started all over again. I didn’t even know him that well, but it hit really hard. I guess because he was so freakin young.

  5. …He was Kris Letang’s best friend. Good thing there’s no decision about whether he’ll have to play. There’ll be a moment of silence at Game 4.

    And I had the same reaction as Myra.

    Really, really, really, saddening.

  6. DS, the article on with Kris Letang almost broke my heart. He sounded so devasted. Poor thing.

    I heard about the moment of silence, which is a classy thing to, and really nice to hear.

    Thank you for echoing Myra’s feelings. That’s sweet.

    wraparoundcurl, that’s lovely. Canucks Place does so much awesome work. I’m sure Luc would have been happy that honouring his memory was helping kids.

  7. Did you see the presson with Letang?

    I swear, he looked like he just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.

    I loved Letang and Bourdon. I mean the only reason I started liking Letang anyway was because he and Luc were so awesome in the WJHC together… :( I feel so bad for him. Even in his interviews he sounds like winning the Cup is the last thing on his mind… Though now I sort of want Pens to win the Cup just to cheer him up…

    (but still go wings!)

  8. The Letang press thing was sooooo sad. It broke my heart. He looked so devasted. You just wanted to give him a hug. Yeah, I was tempted to cheer for the Penguins after seeing him, but I still want the Wings.

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