A few memories of Luc Bourdon

My thoughts are still on Luc Bourdon, and I just wanted to post some things.  The first three are videos that made me smile, and there are several nice articles that have been written about Luc.  As more reactions come out, you really get the impression that he was a lovely person.  Corey Schneider from the Moose talked about Luc going to visit kids in the hospital when no one else was around, and Alanah from Canucks and Beyond has a very sweet story posted about Luc and a little girl.  The Canucks didn’t just lose a great prospect, they lost a great person too.

Luc dancing at the Dice and Ice that I mentioned in my last post. Boy had some moves.

Luc’s gorgeous defensive play as he prevents a goal from Alex Ovechkin.

Luc singing after winning at the World Juniors. Love his wink.

Some nice articles on Luc

Not forgotten in hometown The Province

Luc Bourdon 1987-2008: ‘He was going to be a special, special player’ The Province

Remembering the real Luc Bourdon Vancouver Sun

The NHL is holding a moment of silence for Luc on Saturday before the start of game 4.  The NHL definitely got it right on that one.

One more thing, RypienItup on the Canucks website fan forum suggested that people donate $28(Luc’s NHL number this past season) to Canucks Place Children’s Hospice to honour his memory.  This a wonderful idea and a nice sentiment.  If you feel so inclined you can donate here.


7 thoughts on “A few memories of Luc Bourdon

  1. I already miss him. Especially in the WJHC video.. T_T Look at him and Letang.. best buddies.. winning together.

    I remember his goal against USA that tied the game in the semi-finals where they ended up winning…


  2. If I remember correctly, he got his first NHL goal vs. the Wild? If not, I still recall seeing him play and thinking he was pretty scary. I’m very sorry for his family and friends.

  3. I donated:( I heard about it, and I felt sick over it. 21 is cruel age to lose your life. and his girlfriend apparently saw the whole thing. It’s just so horribly tragic.

  4. That’s nice you donated, M.J. I’m just totally heartbroken over it. 21 is way too freakin young. And my heart breaks for his girlfriend. What a horrible thing to witness.

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