Random Thoughts on Game 4 Penguins/Red Wings

Game four didn’t give me a topic to write a big long post about, so these are just thoughts that popped into my head before, throughout, and after the game.

– The moment of silence for Luc was a very nice gesture, but I found the Penguins announcer was too upbeat sounding when he was announcing it.  I know his main job is to get the crowd pumped for the game, and maybe it’s hard to come down from that, but it seemed a little tacky to me.  I also felt it could have lasted slightly longer, although the Penguins fans were very classy.  It was nice that there wasn’t some random loud mouth.  Perhaps I’m just being too sensitive?

-Apparently NBC didn’t air the moment of silence, which I find very strange and quite lame.  It was a moving moment that rarely occurs, especially before a Stanley Cup Final game.

-I’m usually not a big Don Cherry fan, I find him loud and obnoxious.  But his tribute to Luc during Coach’s Corner was lovely.  I loved that he introduced it somberly, and then just let the video run mostly in silence.  It was quite moving when he had to cut out in the middle because he was near tears.  And I love how he ended it by mentioning Luc’s mum, and then it just froze on Luc’s smile after winning gold at the World Juniors.

-Props to Ron Maclean for asking Gary Bettman some tough questions about the league in their interview before the start of the game.  Too bad he didn’t answer them honestly, and started spouting some crap to cover up.  I find Gary Bettman one of the most irritating people to listen to getting interviewed, because he never actually answers a question, and his responses are never honest and straight up.

-Zetterberg is unbelievable to watch.  He probably deserves to win the Selke this year, based only on that shift during the Penguins 5 on 3.  I love watching players that are so talented defensively.

-What was with the Penguins on that 5 on 3?  The refs basically handed them the game right there, on some pretty weak calls against the Wings, and they couldn’t do a thing.  For all their offensive fire power that gets so much attention, they looked entirely like the Canucks on that power play.  The Wings deserved to win after killing that off.

-I just love watching Darren Helm skate.

-Jiri Hudler is a little cutie pie getting interviewed.  He sounds so humble, and happy to here in the Final, and I dig his cute little accent.

-After declaring my love for Malkin in the earlier rounds, it’s kind of breaking my heart to see him struggling so badly.  But still, he probably should have been benched in the third.

-The Wings just look like they want it more than the Penguins, and I would be more than happy to see Nick Lidstrom lifting the Cup.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Game 4 Penguins/Red Wings

  1. I was really upset that NBC cut out the moment of silence – we never get the anthems, but I was still thinking they would make an exception for something like this because it’s such a rare occurrence and such a touching gesture…but no. NBC has other time priorities, apparently. Completely unfortunate. I actually professed my disappointment at it to the people who were over watching the game and none of them had even heard about it, so the fact that NBC skipped over it and they never would have otherwise is even sadder.

    On a happier note, Jiri Hudler is a total sweetheart, he’s such a little dork (seriously he frequently mixes up which color helmet he’s supposed to wear with which uniform) – I adopted him as my little rookie last year and I’ve been so happy to see him step in and be clutch when the team needs him to, especially since he’s had some struggles this season. (And I love Helm too!)

  2. Yeah, I just think it was a poor move on NBC’s part. It was beautiful to watch on CBC, and it kind of emotionally connects the fans, ya know?

    (seriously he frequently mixes up which color helmet he’s supposed to wear with which uniform)

    Umm wow. That’s pretty much the most adorkable thing I’ve ever heard. Awwww.

    I saw Helm play at the Memorial Cup final last year, and he was fun to watch, so I’ve tried to keep an eye on him since then.

  3. Yeah, I thought it was too short as well. But I guess it’s hard to keep thousands of fans quiet. Sigh.

    Bettman is a weiner. Can someone just replace him already?

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