Lessons I Learned This Season

So, hockey is done.  The team that deserved to win the Stanley Cup won the Stanley Cup and it was mostly very fun to watch.  Ratings for the Finals were excellent in the states, and Gary Bettman is probably doing a little midget dance of joy because of it.  The league still hates Jim Balsillie, and are dead set against him owning a team.  This off season should be one of the most interesting ever for Canucks fans, and this has me feeling half exhilarated and half terrified. 

I now have to think of ways to occupy my time until hockey starts again.  Maybe I’ll start watching baseball.  The Olympics are on, which should be pretty rad.  It’s a good time to catch up on all the reading I never got around to while hockey was in full gear.  I’m going to the draft in two weeks, which will be totally fun.  I get to watch the rookie GM’s very first draft in person.  This could be a completely delightful experience, or a completely horrifying one, so stay tuned for that.  I’ll be posting here quite a bit.  I want to finish my Reasons I Love Hockey series, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to whine about on free agency day. Now that the season has ended, here are the lessons I learned this year.

1.  Matty Ohlund is definitely my favourite player.  I know it’s hard to believe that this was ever in question, considering the love fest for Mr. Ohlund around here, but at the start of the season I wasn’t sure who my favourite player was.  Nazzy, Trev Linden, and Kevin Bieksa were all in close consideration before it became obvious that Matty was my guy.

2.  Ryan Kesler was worth his offer sheet.  He just needed some time.  I have a hard time imagining this team without him now, and hopefully he is in Vancouver for a long time.

3.  It’s possible for me to love Red Wings.  Lidstrom is amazing to watch, and I now have a full on crush on Zetterberg.  He was completely deserving of the Conn Smythe, and I kind of love how he was so excited when he won it that he couldn’t put a coherent sentence together.  It also didn’t hurt that he looked smoking at the victory parade, and was wearing the Conn Smythe as a hat.

4.  The Canucks d-men should perhaps go about their daily activities in a protective bubble.

5.  I still hate his team with a never ending passion, but Iginla is a classy guy.  When he lined his team up at the end of Trev’s probable last game in the NHL to wish him well, it was hard to hate the guy. 

6.  The Canucks can make me drink vast amounts of alcohol, and I can still function.  Although I don’t know if this is a good lesson.  Perhaps I should forget I learned this one.

7.  I love pests and I love fights that aren’t the awful, staged, enforcer fights.  I could watch Alex Burrows do his thing all night, and when Mike Brown was called up, I adored watching him fight.  I also learned that I apparently have a bloodthirsty side that I was previously unaware of.

8.  I can end up having a hockey crush on a guy for a very silly reason.  Maxime Talbot’s playoff beard, Nathan Paetsch from the Sabres because of his nickname “Patches”, Douglas Murray because he finances a keg company and his nickname is “Crankshaft”, Patrick Marleau because he’s from Saskatchewan, Pavel Datsyuk because of his accent.

9.  The hockey blog scene is awesome.  I’ve “met” so many cool people.  I’ve learned so much more about hockey.  I know things about other teams that I never would have if I didn’t read blogs by their fans.  I’m fond of the Sabres, Devils, Sharks, and Stars now mostly because of their fans.  I even read about the Wild, who I generally hate, because I enjoy reading Land of Lakes and Hockey by a Wild fan.  When I started The Humming Giraffe, I figured I would write about five posts, and then get bored.  But I haven’t.  I’m still having fun.

10.  Even though the Canucks were pretty much horribly awful this season, I love them, and I’m with them for the long hual.


10 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned This Season

  1. It’s always a little disconcerting when hockey shows you your previously unknown bloodthirsty side. :D

    Great post. It really is cool to learn about all the other teams from their own fans. The Canucks are definitely not on my hate list.

  2. I’m so not a violent person, so it kind of surprised me when I had a massive call up crush on Mike Brown the fighter. It doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty. Heh.

    I’m so glad the Canucks aren’t on your hate list. :)

  3. Aw, thanks for the shoutout! I started to even like the Canucks a little bit. I thank you for your wonderful education. Nazzy I like, Ohlund, I’m still a little mad at. Give it a season, I’ll get over it.

    I have to admit, I might have a little crush on Zetterberg too.

  4. You’re very welcome!(for the shoutout) I try my best to educate. Heh. I’m so delighted you like Nazzy now. Nazzy is my very, very close second fave. He’s a total sweetheart. I completely understand you not being keen on Ohlund. I would feel the same way. He feels incredibly terrible about it, if that helps.

    Zetterberg is strangely endearing. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a Swede. Somehow I always like the Swedes. I barely noticed him last year.

  5. Mikko Koivu getting revenge on him and smiling a lot is making up for it a bit. At least he’s not being an asshole about the whole deal. Like I said, I tend to have a short memory for grudges not against the Flames/Ducks, so I’m sure all will be forgiven and forgotten soon enough. Nazzy is another one of my secret crushes. I love his jawline. You got me into a whole lot of trouble with my fellow Wild fans for extending my friendship to a Canucks fan and going to see him, but that’s cause they are being closed-minded. Nazzy smiled at me and rewarded me for wading through the abuse.

    I like Swedes too, I’m Swedish, so I guess I’m just bonding with my people? Zetterberg seems pretty entertaining, I think that’s why I like him so much now. Stupid Red Wings.

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  7. one of my favourite comments I’ve ever gotten came from the final chapter of my Leafer Madness series. I forgot who it was, but they said “I may now actually watch a leafs game and not swear when they touch the puck. You made me laugh, and it softened my leaf hating heart… I don’t know if I like that.”

    I like that.

    Oh, and Hi!

  8. Kirsten, yeah. At least he felt bad, ya know? Unlike Pronger and guys like him who are all “Meh. His head got in the way of my elbow.”

    Nazzy is just irresistible. You can’t help it. The other Wild fans are just missing out. And wading through the abuse to get those pictures was much appreciated. Heh.

    Zetterberg is very entertaining. I’m not supposed to like Wings. It’s a little strange.

    Loser domi, that’s a pretty fantastic comment! And hi!

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