Thank You Trevor Linden!

This is a hard day for Canucks fans.  Trevor Linden announced his retirement.  I am close to heartbroken.  Between Trevor hanging up his skates, and this, Vancouver will have to start handing out Prozac and Ecstasy at the doors of GM Place.  Gillis better land the Canucks a hot bitch scorer pretty soon to stop Vancouver fans from walking in front of cars on Robson St. 

But anyways, back to Trevor.  He’s a beautiful person, and we were lucky to have him in a Canucks sweater for so long.  I wasn’t a Canucks fan during the 94′ run, so I never watched him in his prime, but I’ve still always been a huge Trevor fan.  His class, friendliness with the fans, work ethic, and endless charity work with kids in Vancouver is completely inspirational.  I hope I grow up to be half as cool as Trevor.  And now  a brief personal story.  My Uncle lived across the street from him in the early 90s.  If only I could go back in time and tell my eight year old self to be a hockey fan and walk across the street and say hi.  I bet Trevor would have given me an autograph and one of those handsome smiles.  Even though he never put up dazzling numbers, not many guys can say they had the rival team line up to wish them well in their last career game.  I hope he has fun and success with whatever he decides to do in retirement.  Canucks hockey just won’t feel the same.

                       Trev’s retirement statement.  Very sweet and charming.

              How adorable was baby Trev?







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