Random Thoughts That Occur In My Off Season Brain

So, the rumours are really picking up as we inch closer and closer to the draft and free agency.  Some of them good, some of them scary.  This is the interesting part of the off season, before we get into the horrible hockey and news less days of late July and August.  I’m working on being optimistic for the Canucks decisions this summer, but it’s hard work, I have to tell you.  This post is completely random and doesn’t cover one thing in particular.  Sorry about that.

-First, here’s a very delicious picture of Nazzy.


 – The Vancouver masses are in a bit of a hysterical uproar right now because rumours have been flying that Nazzy has sold his luxurious Vancouver home to the founder of Lu Lu Lemon (Lu Lu Lemon pants make anyone’s ass look amazing by the way).  Now, this doesn’t mean that Nazzy is leaving us.  Maybe he and his wife just wanted to decorate a new house.  Or they didn’t think they needed so much space.  Or they have a nosy neighbour that keeps looking through their curtains. (There’s a tiny irrational part of me that’s crying right now, “Don’t leave me, Nazzy! You’re the only captain I’ve ever known! I don’t want to have to get used to a less than smoking hot looking captain!”)  It’s still very much a possibility that Nazzy could stay though.

– There is a lot of information around right now that hints at Gillis trading the Canucks 10th overall pick for help on offence.  This scares me.  This is supposed to be an extremely talented draft, and chances are even the Canucks can’t mess up getting a very talented player.  The general opinion is that the Canucks have a two year window to win with Lui, so maybe they should just go all out and win now.  This does make some sense.  But things could happen in two years that put a wrench in those plans.  And then we’re left with a very shallow prospect group, and the Canucks are looking more Leaf like than Wing like.

– I’m still quite depressed about the idea of watching Canucks hockey without Trevor Linden.  But in all his radio interviews, he sounds so damn content.  So, I guess if he’s completely pleased and excited about retirement, then I can try to be too.  It makes it a little easier to know he’s happy with his decision.  And he has been approached by the Canucks about a position, which was really great to hear.  Even if he doesn’t take it, he deserves the option.

– It’s Kevin Bieksa’s birthday today.  Happy birthday you awesome bad ass!  I hope you’re around in September for training camp.

– I leave for the draft on Thursday!  I’m meeting up with some awesome bloggers, and watching my cousin get drafted, and probably spending money on totally pointless hockey things, and maybe crossing paths with some random NHL players, and hopefully watching the Canucks draft some hot bitch players.  It should be a really fun time.  Everybody think good thoughts for my cousin.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts That Occur In My Off Season Brain

  1. I’m surprised your boy wasn’t picked sooner actually. After his Memorial Cup performance. But he is indeed a cutie. My cousin went to Tampa which is pretty damn sweet :) Although he should have gone sooner too. Stupid scouts.

  2. Everyone is going to Tampa! We shall plan a trip to Tampa to see our boys!

    I am really surprised Dustin didn’t go quicker either. But no one really seemed to be looking for goalie. It was tough competition in that sense.

  3. We will DEFINITELY have to go to Tampa! We can work on our tans AND watch some hockey.

    Yeah, I don’t think it was really the goalie draft. But I’m sure he’ll have fun in Tampa.

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