Ryan Walter New Assistant Coach

The Canucks announced Ryan Walter as their new assistant coach today.  He appears to be quite awesome.  Ryan Walter has worked as a motivational speaker and he won a Stanley Cup and was a captain when he played in the NHL.  He’s also worked on some Canucks broadcasts, and he sounds like a cheerful dude.  I think this will be good, because he can act as a bit of a buffer between AV and the players when AV goes on his occasional crazy “Let’s throw my players under the bus through the media” rants. 

I’m starting to like Ryan Walter, and I adore Rick Bowness already.  Maybe those two will be so collectively fabulous that AV will just slowly disappear.  Wikipedia told me that he was named the Bud Light NHL Man of the Year when he played for the Canucks.  That is rad.  If you can’t win with the Bud Light man of the Year as your assistant coach, who can you win with?

This might be the greatest video I have ever seen. I want Ryan Walter to run my life after watching this. Seriously, if you’re at work and need a laugh, press play.

Hat tip to Alanah from Canucks and Beyond for this magical find.

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