A Bunch Of Quick Things

1.  Say hello to The Humming Giraffe’s new mascot.  I picked him up in Ottawa when I was walking around ByWard Market.  He was just sitting on a table and calling out to me.  His name is Johnny after Johnny Canuck.  He’ll be hanging around next season and hopefully bringing the Canucks some luck.  He looks like a good cheerleader, doesn’t he?

2.  The Canucks opened their baby prospect conditioning camp this week.  The newest baby Canucks should be there too.  All our prospects that I’ve heard interviewed seem very smart and well spoken.  I’m really looking forward to seeing who can make the big club in training camp.

Michael Grabner has apparently been working out like a fiend because he had nothing else to do in Manitoba.  Hopefully that will pay off for him this year.

Patty White is paying for everything himself while in Vancouver, so he doesn’t lose his college eligibility.  That’s pretty awesome, and shows he’s really dedicated to making the NHL.  He also said he wore his Canucks gear in the middle of Minnesota Wild country all the time and took a bunch of abuse for it.  The boy is on his way to being a fan favourite already.  He got rid of his draft year hair cut, which I think was a very good move.  His hot bitch quotient has grown exponentially with the new hair.


3.  Prab Rai, who the Canucks drafted 131st overall is East Indian and a local boy from Surrey.  He sounds over the moon about getting drafted by the Canucks.  That’s pretty cool.  I don’t actually know of any other players of East Indian descent in the NHL.  Mats Froshaug who they took 161st overall is Norwegian.  He played for Norway at the world championships and sounds quite talented.  He has that sleeper pick vibe to me.  I like that the Canucks are turning more international.  Maybe it’s because I watched this draft live, but I think the Canucks picks sound really great.

4.  All of the Canucks draft people wore guitar pins on their suits in honour of Luc Bourdon on the weekend.  Luc played the guitar and loved to play Guitar Hero.  I thought that was very classy and sweet.  I figured there would probably be a black arm band on the Canucks uniforms next season, but it would nice if they used the guitar idea too.

5.  The lovely wraparoundcurl is doing a Hottie Hockey Dreamy Team contest. 

15 thoughts on “A Bunch Of Quick Things

  1. You know, I really hope Grabby gets called up. He was an amazing Chief. I will have to look up the exact stats, but there was a two week period when he had at least 2 hat tricks. But he never quite got his footing after moving on from the WHL. I hope he can because I would love to see him as in a Canuck kit.

    (pssst…..Alexandre is in the next round :D)

  2. Agree with the White post-haircut hotness comment.

    And I love how Schneids exudes CONFIDENCE in his interviews………..

    I actually laughed at Grabner working out like heck XD Poor Manitoba. hahahahaha But it’s good for the Canucks. Maybe that’s why they had a farm team tehre. So their prospects don’t become party animals?

  3. oh goody I can comment again :)

    wouldn’t have recognised Patrick White with the new hair cut – what an improvement!

    and those guitar pins, nice touch

    off to check out the dream team voting :)

  4. wraparoundcurl, I would love to see Grabby called up this year too! His potential really excites me. He supposedly had a really solid rookie season last year, and he’s really impressing people at the conditioning camp, so we’ll wait and see, I guess.

    Good to know that Rai is solid. I actually knew nothing about him. And I agree about his ethnic background. It’s cool that hockey is reaching not just the traditional groups of people.

    Eeee. I can’t wait for Burr :) Heh.

  5. Rinslet, I thought that too about Schneider. He just really “gets” it. I’m really excited to see him at camp.

    I laughed about Grabner too. I think you’re probably right about the Canucks picking Manitoba on purpose :D

  6. I think Johnny looks like he’ll be a great blog mascot!

    And that haircut really is a huge improvement…in the older picture he kind of looks like he should be in the Monkees.

  7. I think so too, Meg. Johnny is totally ready to cheer the Canucks all the way to the playoffs :D

    The Monkees! Thank you for pointing out what I was trying to think his old hair cut reminded me of.

    Thanks, Patty! I agree. :D

  8. Hee! Thanks for that link, wraparoundcurl. I’m starting to love Grabby.

    I know, Heather! He looks like a completely (and much more fetching) different person.

    Thanks :D I love Johnny.

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