Canucks pick up Kyle Wellwood off waivers

This guy sounds skilled, but perhaps doughy and lazy.  Although surely the amazing motivating powers of Ryan Walter combined with some bag skates and a bunch of trips up Vancouver’s Grouse Grind will cure that.  And he played in the Leafs circus, so the Canucks gong show shouldn’t be scary at all.  I just hope we’re not losing Mo with this move.  I’m a huge Mo fan.  This move doesn’t have me jumping with joy, but it didn’t cost the Canucks anything and it gives them more depth, so there’s no need to complain.  Maybe the change of scenery and the fact that he got waived will jump start him a bit.  Welcome to Vancouver, Kyle Wellwood.


4 thoughts on “Canucks pick up Kyle Wellwood off waivers

  1. I was talking to all the Leafs peeps/bloggers and here is what should be known about Wellwood;

    -Incredibly skilled but also lazy. Therefore, phones it in sometimes.
    -Doesn’t not train in the off season and not so much on the regular season. Fun fact; his father once sold him out in an interview admitting Kyle does nothing in the off season.
    -Recently broke his foot, playing soccer indoors. Uhmm…yeah.

    I sincerely hope a change in teams will kick his ass into shape.

  2. I was SUPER surprised to see Wellwood on waivers, I’ve always thought he was pretty good. Toronto is clearly very serious about cleaning house for once. Then again, I don’t really follow the east beyond Montreal.

  3. Yeah, I don’t follow the east all that closely either, but he does sound quite skilled. Hopefully he just figures out his injuryness/laziness/conditioning etc. He’s still quite young, so it’s not a bad move really.

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