Some Things About RFAs, Draft Boys, And Gillis

Ready for another totally random off season post?  I hope so.  It’s kind of hard to believe that free agency is starting on Tuesday.  This summer is just flying by.  Tuesday is shaping up to be crazy.

Gillis finally tendered offers to almost all of our RFAs.  I’m especially pleased about Mike Brown, Ryan Shannon, and Nathan McIver.  Mike Brown is a great energy guy to have on the fourth line, and I adore watching him fight. He’s also probably too low profile for Kevin Lowe to snatch away.  Ryan Shannon is itty bitty, and might not fit into the line up, but he’s speedy and skilled, and the Canucks aren’t exactly bursting at the seams with those two things.  Nathan McIver is a pretty solid 7th defencemen and adds some toughness.  Since the Canucks defence seem totally against this staying healthy all at the same time thing, having guys able to step into the line up can never be a bad thing.

The more I hear about Cody Hodgson and Yann Sauve, the more I adore them.  It sounds like they’re both impressing people at the prospects camp already, and they both seem comfortable in front of the media.  Cody is cute as a button, and Yann is pretty damn foxy.  Big, strong, smooth skating defencemen make me weak in the knees. 

 Check out his absolutely dreamy French Canadian accent and the interviewer joking about Yann ripping his hand off.

The newest Canucks were both invited to the World Junior Camp this summer which is totally rad.

For all the bashing of Nonis that Gillis did after taking over as GM, I sure am getting a very Nonis like vibe from him so far.  Now, maybe it’s not fair to judge him until free agency is over, but he sure hasn’t acted with any of the boldness he kept referencing in his press conference.  Perhaps he’s starting to realize this GM thing isn’t as easy as he thought.  I have liked all of his decisions in the front office (except for the extension of AV).  And I am very glad he decided to draft Cody Hodgson instead of trading for the rumoured Mike Cammellari.  I guess we’ll say I’m 50/50 on Gillis


5 thoughts on “Some Things About RFAs, Draft Boys, And Gillis

  1. alix
    pierre mcguire just said Yann needs to get a lot stronger. What an ass!!!

    So here I am wandering around the tubes looking for all the bajillion times folks have said Yann was strong and I found you. Just thought I would say hello. *hello*

    I am glad you caught my infectious case of Sauve love. It has its benefits just like sickle cell anemia.

  2. What is pierre mcguire smoking?!?!! Jackass. All the Canucks guys were raving about how strong he was at development camp.

    And hello! I’ve been meaning to add you to my blog roll for ages. I’m lazy.

    It’s very easy to catch Sauve love. He’s just tres pretty and adorable. And he doesn’t even really look like he should be 18. Heh.

  3. I usually wait for them to be drinking age before I say “I love you”, but then I realized that where Yann is from (Quebec), and where he plays (New Brunswick), the legal drinking age is 18…therefore I had best just proclaim it now.

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