Say It Ain’t So, Mo!

According to an article I read from the National Post, via Kukla’s Korner, the Blue Jackets are interested in Mo.  While it’s nice to hear that other teams want to ask Mo out, this makes me quite sad.  Mo’s not a guy I gush about a lot around here, but he’s always been a guy I liked a lot.  He’s a total sweetheart and gives great interviews.  I’m a little surprised that Gillis hasn’t locked him up yet.  He’s a heart and soul guy, and adores playing in Vancouver.  Mo’s defensively responsible, and he can play on the power play and the penalty kill.  Plus he’s affordable, and Gillis would almost definitely have to overpay to get a replacement.  And the Canucks would lose some prettiness.  Here’s hoping he’s just flirting with the Blue Jackets and trying to play hard to get with the Canucks and that he’ll still be a Canuck after Tuesday.


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