An Expensive Shopping Spree. Who Do We Want To See in Canucks Blue And Green?

So, tomorrow is the big day.  A celebration of our beautiful country’s founding, and oh yeah, that free agency thing.  Gillis promised bold moves this summer, and so far he hasn’t delivered, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if he comes through. 

Nazzy hasn’t re-signed yet, which makes me kind of sad.  On the one hand, I’d like him to be able to go to a team where he can have some fun and success and get away from the crazy media and fan negativity.  On the other hand, he’s always been my second favourite player, and he was probably the first guy I couldn’t keep my eyes off of when I first starting watching hockey.  I would love for him to play out his career in Vancouver, but I definitely understand if he wants a change of scenery.  I’m also not thrilled about not having a captain that’s smoking hot anymore.

I’ve heard a bunch of times that people seem to think Pavol Demitra is definitely coming to Vancouver.  Probably because Nazzy was showing him around town a while back and that Gillis used to be Demitra’s agent.  I don’t think this is a complete slam dunk though.  Maybe Nazzy and Demitra just share a love for Vancouver’s Swedish Touch massage parlours, ya know?  Demitra is definitely talented, so I wouldn’t be totally against it, but he has a touch of the bubble boy in him, and always seems injured.  Do we really need more of that in the Canucks line up?

It seems like every time I read an article on free agency, the Canucks are one of (the many) front runners for Hossa.   Hossa is extremely talented, and would increase the talent of our forwards immensely, but he turned down a deal with the Penguins for $7 million.  Is he really worth Sid/Vinny type money?  And do the Canucks want to be saddled with his contract for the long term?  I don’t think so.  Hossa would be a bold move that Gillis promised though.  And while Canucks fans are trained from the beginning to never think positively, how sexy would a Hossa/Demitra/Nazzy line be?  Yeah I know, not going to happen.

Mo is still not signed.  It really doesn’t look promising.  I think that’s a bad move.  All of the little things that Mo brings are going to very hard to replace.  Gillis, don’t you care that Mo is making googly eyes at Columbus over there?

I would love to have Antti Miettinen, Niklas Hagman, Brian Rolston, or Andrew Brunette on the Canucks.  They will probably be a little cheaper than the bigger names, and we could spread our offence around a bit more.  Miettinen would probably be great with the Sedins.  And I really like that Niklas Hagman always looks like he wants to cut a bitch when he’s on the ice.  People always whine that the Canucks don’t show enough emotion, so I think Hagman could definitely help with this.

Do you think Tampa Bay has girls standing around in bikinis in their front office building, and that’s why they’re snapping up all of these players before free agency even starts?  But whatever it is, good for them.  Their new owners are obviously having fun, and they said they were going to be agressive, and they’re following through on their promise.  If I were a free agent hockey player I would probably sign in Tampa because of all that sun and all those beaches.  It seems like an easy decision to me.

I’ll be around tomorrow, most likely doing a semi drunk/live blog of free agency since it’s beautiful Canada Day, and they gave me the day off work.  Here’s hoping for nothing traumatizing!


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