Canucks Free Agency Rumours/Craziness

So, at the moment Gillis has signed that little doughboy Wellwood to a 1 year contract for under a million, which is a good depth move, and offered Sundin a $20 million/2 year deal if the rumours are to be believed. Holy shit! Insanity. It’s never too early to start drinking on Canada Day, right?

*Updated* Gillis signed David Backes to an offer sheet. 3 yrs $2.5 mill per year.  He’s a big boy and likes to play physical.  I don’t see St.Louis not matching though.  And this isn’t helping Gillis in his efforts to have the other GMs give him one half of their BFFs for ever friendship necklaces.

*Updated* You know, it’s too bad the Canucks didn’t buy out Jeff Cowan when they had the chance.  I would love to have Georges Laraque on our fourth line.  Our teeny, tiny skilled guys would feel a lot better having him in the lineup I think.  And he is actually a little bit skilled, and is supposedly awesome in the community.


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