Nazzy To The Rangers.

Well that’s lovely.  I’m going to go puke now.  What in the hell is Gillis doing?  More later when I’m not so freakin traumatized.  The RANGERS?!?!


The loss of Nazzy hurts me.  And it hurts the Canucks. 

From an emotional standpoint, I’m very sad to see him go.  He was the Captain when I started to watch hockey, and he was the first guy I watched play that made my jaw drop at the amount of skill hockey players have.  Who knows if I ever would have become a serious hockey fan if Nazzy hadn’t caught my eye.  Matty Ohlund ended up becoming my favourite player, but Nazzy always remained a very close second.  He was nothing but class his whole time in Vancouver.  It’s a shame he was unfairly turned into a whipping boy by the media and a large portion of the fan base for daring to age, and for being a quiet captain, and for the fact that linemates that helped him out were never brought in after the WCE days.  I’m sad that we won’t see Nazzy retire a Canuck, and I’m grossed out that it’s the Rangers, but I’m happy for him.  He’ll get to have some fun, and play with some talanted linemates that suit his style, and he’s way over on the opposite coast of the Vancouver crazies.  To be honest, I’ll miss staring at his beautiful face.  Good luck, Nazzy! Thanks for everything!  By the way, Nazzy, picking the Rangers is mean.  I was going to watch your new team, but the Rangers are icky.

Getting away from the emotional hurt of losing Nazzy, the Canucks as a team are majorly hurting with his loss.  They have to replace 25 goals, on a team that was already extremely low on offence.  And we haven’t heard a peep about any other signings.  Geez, what the heck is so bad about living in Vancouver?  Or perhaps it’s just the fact that our organization is coming off as a total gong show.  Gillis is just making me pull my hair out.  He talked a big game in his first press conference about making a few bold moves and turning the Canucks into a contender, but so far he’s not even close to delivering.  There’s also rumours flying around that the other GMs hate Gillis and don’t want to trade with him.  Wonderful.  The sky is falling fans always kind of annoy me, but I’m kind of leaning that way now myself.  The Canucks have two top 6 forwards signed for next season. Two!  You have to wonder what Lui is thinking to himself today.  That Tavares kid is supposed to be kind of good, right?


6 thoughts on “Nazzy To The Rangers.

  1. I really was hoping Nazzy would finish his career as a Canuck. I am stull not entirely sure what the hell is going on.

    I heard from a pretty birdie at one point the Canucks put a bid in on Avery. But Dallas it ended up being.

  2. So sorry about Nazzy, alix.

    Most of the predictions for the season that are made on Free Agent Day are wrong, if that helps. I remember last year at this time everybody said the Kings were the team to watch based on what they did in the summer. And the Stars were going to miss the playoffs because they didn’t do anything to add to scoring. So you never know.

    I’m actually worried for teams that seem to have addressed their problems.

    Does that help?

  3. wraparoundcurl, I was hoping that about Nazzy too, Damn. I have no idea what’s going on either. Other than it’s making me want to drink.

    You know, as much as I dislike Sean Avery, I would actually welcome him at this point. He’s a douche, but he can put the puck in the net.

  4. Thanks, Patty. That’s a good point…but I’m in full on panic mode with the Canucks, so I’m not too sure that thought will save them. It’s a nice idea though…

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