A Collection Of July Musings

I do feel a little better about the Canucks situation after reading this interview with Gillis.  I found his comments about Mars Sundin really interesting in how they are still very optimistic about him signing, and there are things going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.  Do you think Gillis is sending Swedish strippers to roll around in his truck full of money outside his house?  That may be the only thing that would entice him to sign in Vancouver.

He’s also not dismissing the idea of Mo still signing here, which I find a little odd, because Mo’s agent stated in the paper this weekend that Mo would make a decision on which team he’s playing for next week, and it wouldn’t be the Canucks.  I’ve heard it might the Wild, which kind of sucks.  I’d rather not see him in a Wild sweater six times a year.  Is Gillis just stubborn?  I would love if Mo stayed.  I don’t think my Canucks loving heart could take losing Nazzy, Mo, and Trev Linden all in one summer.

I’m really pulling for Big Bear to succeed here after he said he was excited to be a Canucks.  Canucks plural.  Instead of saying a Canuck.  That’s totally adorable.  I can’t wait to hear him and Burr interviewed all the time next season.

I’ve heard a ton of trade proposals with Kevin Bieksa’s name in them.  I don’t like this at all.  Hopefully they were just all rumours and not actually true.  I would hate to lose Bieksa.  He skates well and is extremely tough and is still young.  He’s also well spoken and good with the media, and could be a future captain.

Speaking of captains, the Canucks need a new one with Nazzy leaving.  The name I’ve heard mentioned most often is Willie Mitchell.  You can’t really go wrong with Bill Pickle.  He’s great in the community, vocal in the room, good interview, and puts it all out on the ice.  I would also like to see Mo as captain if he comes back.  Bieksa and Kes are possibilities, but maybe not quite yet.  Matty Ohlund is now the longest serving Canuck, but he’s quiet, and sometimes looks like he wants to punch the media people in the face. Heh.  He’s also said in the past that he wouldn’t want to be captain.  Matty could definitely have an A though.  I guess we’ll find out when training camp rolls around.

By the way, I just realized yesterday that Matty Ohlund is a UFA at the end of next season.  Get ready for a lot of freaking out and whining around here until he is resigned.  Hee.

How funny is the fued between Burkie and Kevin Lowe?  It’s just cracking me up.  I’ve thought Kevin Lowe was a wiener ever since he said he wouldn’t trade with Gillis because Gillis was Michael Nylander’s agent last season when that whole fiasco went down.  I mean could Gillis help it if Michael Nylander’s bossy wife suddenly didn’t want to move to Edmonton?  I don’t think so.  But the man is a master at smack talking.  Check this out.

“He’s an underachieving wanna-be in terms of success in the NHL. He won a Stanley Cup? Great. I’ve won six Stanley Cups, you want to count rings?”

HA!  Oh SNAP!  You can read the entirety of the smack talk here.

it looks like Cookie found a new home with the Penguins.  I’m glad to hear that.  When I didn’t hear anything about the Caps resigning him, I was a little worried he would be teamless.  He’s just living the life lately.  He gets away from AV, and gets to go play with Alex Ovechkin and then Sidney Crosby.  I bet he’s not missing us one bit.

Well, that’s about it.  fingers crossed the Canucks improve this week.


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