Goodbye Dear Mo

Ouch.  All my favourite guys are running for the hills.  But I can’t blame Mo at all after getting basically a brush off from Gillis.  The Ducks though, honey?  What’s with you and Nazzy picking teams I loathe?  *Sigh*  With all due respect to Kyle Wellwood, I would have preferred having Mo back.  Mo is reported to be one of the nicest guys around.  A friend once told me a story about Mo being out for dinner with his family, and they were sitting next to a kid celebrating his birthday.  Mo went over to wish him a happy birthday and then walked to a store and bought and signed the kid a birthday card.  He lost almost all his teeth playing for the Canucks and is the franchise leader for OT goals.  The guy is clutch.  The Ducks picked up a really good guy.  It will just seem wrong seeing him in a Ducks sweater.  The Canucks do need change, but it’s not very fun.  Have fun with Nonis and Burkie, Mo!  I wish you only success and good things. 

Somehow the Titanic is coming to mind…everyone jumping ship.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Dear Mo

  1. Kirsten, I know! I didn’t want him to go to the Wild because it would just be weird, but I’ll hardly ever get to stare at him out east.

    HA! Mo or B-Mo both work, Earl. I’m sure you’ll save so much time covering the Ducks this season now that you know.

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