Matty Ohlund Rocks At Life

Check this out.  Hee.  From Elliot Pap’s article in the Vancouver Sun,

Vancouver Canuck defenceman Mattias Ohlund is ready to go salesman on Mats Sundin at a moment’s notice.

“If Mats calls, trust me I will put in a good word for the team,” Ohlund chuckled Monday. “I haven’t spoken to him or the Canucks or anybody regarding him. Maybe I should call him. I don’t know if it would help or not. I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

Good old Matty Ohlund.  Always looking out for the Canucks.  He should take Mars out drinking and persuade him to come.  I  wouldn’t be able to resist.  Heh.

This part of the article also caught my attention. 

Ohlund is entering the final year of his contract that pays him $3.5 million. Now that July 1 has passed, he is eligible to sign an extension. There have been no talks so far.

There’s still plenty of time before next July, but so help me, if Gillis doesn’t resign Matty and let him retire a Canuck, I will go into his office and smack that man around.


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