Odds And Ends

Pavol Demitra has signed with the Canucks…but not really.  Just possibly.  Heh.  Some Slovakian newspaper reported that he has signed with the Canucks for $12 million/3yrs, but Gillis and Demitra’s agent are flat out denying it.  4 million per might be a little high for a guy that seems to have a body made out of mostly paper maiche, but he’s skilled, so I guess I’ll live.  Of course, he still isn’t actually coming to Vancouver.  I’m starting to get the impression some big announcement is coming soon that might involve more than Demitra, but it’s not natural for a Canucks fan to be optimistic, so I’m just ignoring these thoughts. (Updated: Well there we go! The worst kept secret is finally official. And 2 years is is better than the three years that was originally reported. The Canucks are in much better shape.  Now if someone named Blars Blundin would just decide to sign too we’d be in business)

I’m glad that Cookie signed with the Penguins, if only because of the awesome photoshops that are already appearing on Pensblog.

Big Bear better work his cute French Canadian butt off now that the Canucks matched that offer sheet.

NHL.com had a great article about Corey Schneider and Patrick White.  They sound like two great kids.  And huh.  Patrick White’s not actually a bust? *gasp* He just had a tough year adjusting to the college game right after high school and he just needs time to progress?  Consider me shocked.  Heh.

There are rumours flying around that the Canucks may have an announcement tomorrow…interesting…very interesting.


4 thoughts on “Odds And Ends

  1. I guess if Cookie had to go anywhere, I would rather him a Pen!! But I miss him as a Canuck:(

    and can I just say that the only thing that made Big Bear’s trade not as traumatic as it could have been was the fact that he went to Vancouver???! If he had ended up a Blue, I would have DIED!!!!

    and I am super ‘cited that they signed my old favorite Ryan Johnson!! yay! He was a Blue for so long it feels good I can love him again!!

    But I’m still not over Markus:(

  2. M.J, I miss Cookie too. He was very entertaining and a great guy to have in the community. But I think he’s having more fun now playing, so that’s good.

    It was nice how it worked out Big Bear went to your western conference team :)

    I had no idea who Ryan Johnson was, but I like what I’ve heard. I think he might end up being one of my favourites.

    I still feel like I was punched in the stomach about Nazzy. I loooooove him. And I can’t believe he’s a Ranger. But, I think hockey wise it’s a much better fit. So I’m trying to be happy for him. It sucks he never got like a “goodbye” game though. He probably feels so unloved. Sigh.

    Hee! That killed me too, wraparoundcurl. The Canucks are special. Why not just announce it instead of taking the time to say that you’re going to announce it later.

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