Hey There New Guys!

The Canucks officially signed Pavol Demitra, and he sounds like he really loves Vancouver which is cool.  He even said out loud that he thinks the Canucks could be Cup contenders.  Demitra gets bonus points for being one of the only guys that will say that out loud right now.  Hopefully his groin will just decide to stay healthy.

They also signed Rob Davison, who was a depth defenceman for the Sharks and Islanders.  Maybe not the most talented guy, but plays hard and always sticks up for his teammates.  He looks quite foxy and apparently loves to fight and hit.  You all know how I feel about big, physical defencemen.  I’m now just a little fearful that he’s going to be more than a depth defenceman, and we’ll lose one of our existing d boys in a trade.  Bieksa seems the most likely because he’s young and doesn’t have a NTC.  I hope this is just me leaping to conclusions, because I really dig Bieksa, and having Bieksa and Davison in the same defence line up would be way too much fun.

The Canucks also signed Jason Krog, who played in the AHL, which is a little confusing to me.  He’s been an all star consistently in the AHL, but it hasn’t seemed to translate to the NHL.  And if they signed him to a one way deal, we have a log jam of bottom six forwards.  Maybe someone is getting waived/traded to make a little bit more of a cap cushion in case Mars Sundin does end up signing in Vancouver? (Updated: I still haven’t seen this signing officially reported on the Canucks or the NHL website, so perhaps it’s a rumour and not a sure thing at the present time)

I was a little traumatized by Gillis and the Canucks progress last week, but I do think he has made some nice moves, and it’s not all bad.  I have liked all his front office moves and new assistant coach.  I like that he’s not offering any players crazy, long term contracts that could handcuff the cap.  I like the signings of Big Bear and Demitra.  His depth defensive signings look good.  And I really like that our bottom six forwards are much tougher and the Canucks will be harder to play against next season.

Welcome to the Canucks, new guys!


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