Smugness Doesn’t Look Good On You, Montreal.

As we sit here waiting for the mysterious Mars Sundin to make up his mind between retiring, or playing for Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, I’ve been consistently hearing one response from most of the Canadiens fans.  This response is that if Mars had any interest whatsoever in winning a Cup, there’s no way he would even think about going to Vancouver.  That’s pretty damn insulting, and pisses me off.  I know I’ve been talking about ordering my Tavares jersey around here, but I’m an emotional Canucks fan recovering from a break up with Nazzy.  I’m allowed to say these things.  It’s like when you were little and your brother or sister would annoy the hell out of you, and you could insult them all you wanted, but then when someone outside of your family made fun of your sibling, you would suddenly want to punch that person in the face. 

The Canucks aren’t terrible.  They have a world class goalie who should be much more focused this season, a solid defence, a bitchin checking line, a kick ass fourth line that can beat you up, and some talented young forwards that are probably ready to make the big team.  Their top six is…well, a mess really.  But there’s still time to inject some steroids into it.

Two seasons ago, the Canucks won their division and finished the season with 105 points.  They were incredibly unlucky with injuries this past season, and had a hell of a time scoring.  They are not bottom feeders.  That same season the Canucks picked up 105 points and went to the second round of the playoffs, the Canadiens didn’t make the post season.  Oh, and I think I remember them losing to the Canucks that season too.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Canadiens.  They are easily my second favourite Canadian team, and they’re very fun to watch.  Carey Price is a foxy jail bait goalie, and I adore Saku Koivu.  I just don’t like this attitude that the Canadiens are sure fire Cup contenders next season while the Canucks are a pile of puke.  They do know that their team lost to Philly last season, right?  And didn’t exactly sweep the Bruins?  And sadly for fans with Cup aspirations everywhere, The Wings haven’t left the NHL to join the Swedish League, have kept their Cup winning team together, and have actually gotten better after adding Marian Hossa.

So in conclusion, I like the Canadiens and am glad their fans have a young, exciting team to watch, but don’t think the Canucks deserve to be called a pile of puke.  And I don’t think it’s a sure fire thing that Mars Sundin is going to Montreal, because A) Montreal and Toronto are division rivals and I don’t think he would want to do that after being so loyal to Toronto, and B) because Vancouver has a pile of Swedes and the Swedish Touch massage parlours.


2 thoughts on “Smugness Doesn’t Look Good On You, Montreal.

  1. if mats did end up in vancouver (sorry, but i’m hoping not), i think they’d have a pretty solid group of forwards…the sedins, mats, demitra, pyatt, kesler, wellwood…

    i’ve always had a bit of a man crush on kesler. would love to see him in the blue and white one day.

  2. eyebleaf, I can see why you wouldn’t want Mats to leave. I think you’re right about our forwards. They wouldn’t be extraordinary but quite useful.

    Hee. I think almost every guy in Vancouver has a man crush on Kesler. He’s a beast. I hope he stays a Canuck for years and years.

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