Can We Make This Random Stuff A Whole Post? Let’s Try.

Man, the really dull part of the off season is starting to set in.  There’s just nothing going down.  It’s not pretty.  Will someone start entertaining me?

The Canucks finally announced their pre season schedule today.  I guess that’s the first sign that the season is very slowly approaching.  Too be honest though, I was hoping for a bit more excitement out of it.  Take a peek,

Mon. Sept. 22nd @ Edmonton 6:30 pm
Tue. Sept. 23rd vs Edmonton 7:00 pm
Sat. Sept. 27th @ San Jose 7:30 pm
Sun. Sept. 28th @ Anaheim 5:00 pm
Wed. Oct. 1st vs Calgary 7:00 pm
Thu. Oct. 2nd vs San Jose 7:00 pm
Sun. Oct. 5th vs Anaheim 7:00 pm


Ugh.  That’s a lot of the same teams over and over to start the season that was supposed to be the more balanced schedule.  But I guess it will give the Canucks a chance to try and beat the Sharks nice and early, something they were unable to do last season.  And we’ll get the weirdness of seeing Mo and Bert in Ducks and Flames jerseys over with.  I was just hoping we wouldn’t have to play within our division right away.  It also would have fun to have a wild card Eastern team in there just for kicks.  Oh well, it’s still the first hockey I’ll have in forever, right?  Maybe I shouldn’t complain.

Jason Krog was officially signed by the Canucks.  I’m not sure exactly where he’s going to fit, but Gillis said he wanted there to be competition for spots in training camp.  Either way, it’s more depth at forward, which can never be a bad thing.

I was listening to sports radio today.  I really have no idea why.  I must be a masochist.  But anyways, some guy called in and said he missed the draft but why the hell did the Canucks draft a kid that can’t skate over Kyle Beach.  Ugh.  I nearly punched a hole in my computer.  Cody Hodgson was so clearly the better player to pick it’s not even funny!  Obviously, not everyone is an absolute die hard fan, but come on buddy.  You had time to call in to the radio show, but not enough time to get off your ass and google Cody Hodgson?  He was the captain of the world juniors, he’ll be captain of an NHL team eventually, he scored 40 goals, he was voted the smartest player in the OHL, and he was listed higher than Kyle Beach in the majority of draft rankings.  He’s also attending the world juniors training camp while Kyle Beach didn’t even warrant an invite.  Kyle Beach may end up being a very solid NHL player, but I think we’ll be more than fine with Cody Hodgson.

Hee.  Apparently Mars Sundin is fishing this week with his family and will not be available to announce any decision on his playing future.  He’s going to have guys banging their heads against walls soon. 

Someone mentioned that the Canucks will be in a sticky cap situation next season if Mars does come, because they have to extend the Sedins and sign Edler and Matty Ohlund.  They seemed to think that Matty might have to be cut lose.  You know, yeah Mars is exciting, but do we really need him?  We don’t have to score goals, right?  Mars can just hang out in Sweden, and we can keep Matty. Heh. 

These long term contracts that GMs are giving out right now kind of scare me.  Vinny Lecavalier just got an 11 year contract!  He’s going to be 40 when it’s done.  Vinny is totally a hot bitch, and would probably be the one guy I would give 11 years to (that must be a great way to sell season tickets to females.  See Vinny from seats in front of the glass for 11 years!) but still.  It seems a little nutso.  I kind of like that Gillis seems to be limiting himself so far to short, reasonable contracts.  A lot of people were bitching about the Canucks offering 20 million to Mars Sundin because it’s a shit load of money, but at least it’s a short contract.  It doesn’t do anything to the Canucks long term.

Is it September yet? Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Can We Make This Random Stuff A Whole Post? Let’s Try.

  1. Can people please get over Kyle Beach? He is pretty toxic, but I will save my speeching for another time…

    Ahahah, I do masochistic things like that too. Like watch Oprah. I watch it and get mad and then want to scream and stab. My Super Sweet Sixteen really riles me up.

  2. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of shit about Kyle Beach(from following the Giants and stuff) and he’s someone I would just rather not have on the Canucks. Plus he’s already had two concussions, which is scary. I would love it if people would just shut up about Kyle Beach.

    But a ton of Vancouver fans have a major thing for him because he’s a BC boy and a big body. Meh. I think we’ll do much better with Cody Hodgson.

    HAHAHA. Oprah makes me mad too.

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