Schedule Time!

Schedule day had me all excited until I realized that there’s still more than 80 days until the start of the season.  Boo.  But still.  A new schedule without any losses penciled in is quite lovely.  The Canucks schedule seems a lot more civilized this season compared to last year’s.  They are still high in travel miles, but I don’t think they’re far and away the most travelled team this season.  The boys played close to 20 back to back games last season while they only have 11 this season.  So hooray!  Surely this means we can start planning the Stanley Cup parade.  Heh.

The craziest months should be October and March.  October they have their home opener at GM Place, and then immediatly take off for a six game road trip, come back for a two game home stand, and then close out the month with two more road games.  At least they’ll still be fresh at the start of the season, I guess.  March is pretty nice at the beginning, but then they end the month on a six game road trip, not exactly resting them up right before the playoffs start.

Games that are just going to be plain weird: 

First game with Nazzy and the Rangers Nov 19.  I’m kind of sad that the Rangers aren’t coming to GM Place, because it would have been nice for Nazzy to get some cheers.  Seeing him in the Rangers sweater will be strange.

Mo’s first game with the Ducks.  I hope he does well with the Ducks, but not too well against the Canucks.  I bet the applause for Mo will be very loud, because he’s a BC boy, and such a sweetheart.

Bert coming into town as a Flame.  He’s played for plenty of teams since he was traded, but never for one of the Canucks biggest rivals.

Games I’m really pumped for:

Canucks/Sabres Oct 17.  I’m quite fond of the Sabres.  They’re cute little buttons.  And it seems like it’s been forever since the Canucks played them.  I expect Big Bear will want to have a big game against the team that traded him.

The first game with the Oilers when Zach Stortini disrespects the Sedins and Chuckles(Darcy Hordichuk) pounds his face in.

Canucks/Penguins Nov 22.  I don’t particularly like the Penguins, except for Malkin and Letang, but the Penguins game last year was one of the best games all season.

The first games with the Leafs and the Canadiens.  It would be rather delightful to beat the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada, and ever since I’ve heard Canadiens fans totally bashing the Canucks in regards to Sundin coming here to win a Stanley Cup, nothing would give me greater pleasure than kicking their team’s ass. 

What’s with the Canucks/Leafs game at GM Place Nov 15 starting at 4:00 our time?  Ridiculous.  I guess it’s to please CBC and all those Leafs fans.

Canucks/Devils Jan 13.  The Canucks/Devils game last season was totally wacky and hilarious, and the Devils are pretty much my secondary team after spending so much time hanging out at IPB.

Canucks/Lightning Feb 27.  Mostly because I adore Vinny Lecavalier.  And it should be fun to see if the Lightning are just going to ice a lineup consisting of all forwards.

Guaranteed loss night:

Dec 5 Canucks/Wild.  A back to back game in Minnesota right after playing the Stanley Cup Champs in Detroit.

Games I’m just freaked out for:

Any of the Canucks/Predators games.  I hate playing the Predators and the Canucks always seem to get horribly mangled playing Nashville(See Nov game last season with Bieksa and Salo or March game with Aaron Miller)

I’ll hopefully be able to go to a couple of live games in December and February when I’m back from school, which I’m really looking forward to.  Schedule day is so optimistic, because you haven’t had to watch your team lose yet.


3 thoughts on “Schedule Time!

  1. A new schedule without any losses penciled in is quite lovely.

    You know, I’d never thought about it that way before. I guess it’s because I see those matinees and go, “Yup, that’s a loss. And that’s a loss. And that one, too.” I think I know my team too well! :D

    As for Jan 13th — bring it on! The score needs settling! :PPPPPPP (Er, that’s a loss for my boys, too. I know it.)

  2. I’m still oddly sad about Nazzy.

    I look forward to playing the Oilers, mostly because they are my barely behind the Wild second team. I adore Sam Gagner.

  3. Pookie, Hee. You do know your team too well! I did do that same thing with a few Canucks games.

    Heh! I’m so ready for Jan 13! I’m sure the Devils have to win this one, right? Law of averages or something?

    Kirsten, Gagner is totally adorable. The Canucks and Oilers absolutely despise each other, so the games are usually crazy, but entertaining.

    Nazzy needed a fresh start, but I still miss him.

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