Six Slightly Silly Off Season Things

1.  This picture of Matty Ohlund is very adorable.

2.  For a brief beautiful moment on Saturday night, Mars Sundin was a Canuck according to a Swedish newspaper.  It ended up being completely false, but the translation to English from Swedish was quite hilarious.  “How hot is Vancouver? They are extremely hot. They want to have him”   And Russian Super League translated as Russian boozing era gang.  When I read that Sundin has still not decided if he even wants to play next season, I felt like banging my head against the wall.  I would only want to go out for dinner with Sundin if it was a set menu.  But I decided I don’t even want to talk about Sundin anymore.  When he signs somewhere, he signs somewhere.  If it’s the Canucks, great.  If not, we can always just give our baby rookies that are ready to make some noise some more ice time.  Some games might be painful, but Canucks games so often are.

3.  Mike Chen has a fun post about songs that would go well with hockey.  I liked his idea of Debaser being a great name for a bitchin third line.  Debaser by the Pixies will now always run through my head when Burr and Kes have a particularly fantastic shift.  The image of those two rocking out to that song is extremely funny.

4.  I’ve heard rumours that this might be the logo on the Canucks 3rd jersey.  I hope not.  That’s pretty terrible.  I like Johnny Canuck and all, but that looks minor league.  But it wouldn’t surprise me, with the Canucks history of slightly less than beautiful jerseys.

5.  I know it’s not hockey, but my adopted football team the Riders are a perfect 4 and 0 to start the season.  It’s the first time that this has happened since 1970.  And this is all with the back up quarterback Darian Durant, who spent most of last season as the third string quarterback.  Go Riders!

6.  To the person that found my blog searching for “Swedish Touch Massage stories”, thanks for the laugh!  I’m sorry that I didn’t have any juicy stories to tell you. 


4 thoughts on “Six Slightly Silly Off Season Things

  1. Ugh. No to the logo. Fug to the max. Color is okay, I guess… not a fan of the silver… probably better as white.

    And… Lions aren’t doing so hot. *le sigh* I’m just hoping that killing the lowly Bombers lights some fire in their belly.


    also why can’t mats make a decision already!!!! The suspense is killlinnnggg me!!!

  3. Rinslet, I agree. Very fug. And I don’t get the silver.

    The Lions confuse me. They sound so much better on paper. And I have no idea what happened to the Bombers. From Grey Cup Final to absolute crap…

    M.J, Mats is slower than a turtle… My guess is he’s going back to Toronto, but you never know. He could still surprise us.

    wraparoundcurl, now I’m curious about your searches. Heh.

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