Baby RFAs And State Of The Franchise

The baby Canuck RFAs were finally resigned.  Ryan Shannon, Mike Brown, Rick Rypien, Nathan McIver, Zach Fitzgerald and Jimmy Sharrow are all staying in the family.  Sadly, with the big fists we added to our fourth line, I will probably have to nurse my Mike Brown hockey crush from afar because he’ll be in Manitoba.  But he’s still a Canuck, so it’s all good. 

The Canucks streamed the State of the Franchise on the website, which I watched.  Apparently because I have no life. Heh.  I’m still frightened for the Canucks next season, because really I’m a cynic at heart.  But there were three things I liked hearing quite a bit.

  1. Gillis wants to pour crazy amounts of money into player development.  For a team that can’t do the tank for several years and stockpile high draft picks method because of the market they’re in, this makes a lot of sense.
  2. They’re working on extensions with Danny and Hank Sedin that they are hopeful will be finalized soon.  With all of the silly trade talk that’s been flying around about them, I’m very relieved.  Yeah, the twins haven’t lit it up in the playoffs yet, but I’m sure that will still happen.  I like the twins, and the fact that they drive sensible volvos, and own a racehorse, and I should really save this stuff for myReasons I Love Hockey: Danny and Hank Sedin post.  These guys are a great bargain.  They just need more offensive help.
  3. Gillis seems to really want the young guys on the team to contribute and play a bigger role, and he seems content on giving some of the babies playing time.  I also loved how he mentioned one of the young guys possibly stepping up to become captain, instead of automatically giving it to a vet. (And I adore my cagey vets).  Maybe Bieksa or Kesler are drooling over that “C”.

Even though Gillis is sort of an asshole, I kind of dig him.


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