Little Known Facts About The Canucks Or We Have No Real Hockey News To Talk About

There’s definitely not much going on right now.  We just have to hope that August goes by quickly, and I’ll have something worthwhile to talk about eventually.  But in the mean time, here’s one silly fact about every Canuck.  I think this will help us to get to know all the new guys.  And perhaps find out something about the old guys that reaffirm how awesome they are.  I felt too mean ranking them as my favourites, so they’re just broken into forwards and defencemen and goalies, and then alphabetical.

Steve Bernier: His favourite road city is LA.

Alex Burrows: Is the Wayne Gretzky of ball hockey.

Jeff Cowan: His favourite show is Seinfeld and George is his favourite character.

Pavol Demitra:  Uses a wooden stick.  I think there’s only about 15 guys in the league that do.  Demitra was very hard to find info on.  Hopefully he becomes less of a mystery man when he’s in Vancouver.

Darcy Hordichuk: He’s training with one of the top UFC guys to get even more bad ass at fighting.  And he’s a Saskatchewan boy.

Ryan Johnson: Is a partial owner of seven racehorses and spends time watching races and spending time with his horses in the off season.

Ryan Kesler:  His nickname is Bull.  Apparently from when he hit Bert in practice when Bert was wearing a red jersey.

Matt Pettinger:  Is a fabulous golfer.  Petting Zoo was really hard to find info about too.  If he’s around still next season I resolve to find out more about this handsome BC boy.

Taylor Pyatt:  His favourite suit designer is Hugo Boss.

Mason Raymond:  His family lives on a farm and he works on it in the off season.  It must be an easy way to stay in shape for the next season.

Danny Sedin:  His favourite show is Everybody Loves Raymond.

Hank Sedin:  Drinks black coffee and likes sushi.

Bonus twin fact: They own a racehorse together in Sweden.  Ryan Johnson and Danny and Hank can have a head start in the team bonding thing.  They can just talk about their racehorses.

Kyle Wellwood:  He doesn’t own a TV.

Nolan Baumgartner:  Owns a bulldog named Norman. Or at least he did way back in 2005.  We need some updated info on Baumer!

Kevin Bieksa:  Is a beast.  And a smarty pants.  He had a 4.0 GPA at university and would be working at an investment firm if he didn’t kick so much ass on the blueline.

Rob Davison:  His favourite vacation spot is Bermuda.

Alex Edler:  His favourite non hockey team is Liverpool. 

Lukas Krajichek:  Likes to go fishing.  There’s something about the BC air that brings out the fishing bug in the Canucks.

Willie Mitchell:  Likes listening to The Killers.

Matty Ohlund:  Cooking is one of his hobbies.  He loves watching basketball.  He didn’t like math in school. (Awwww! I hate math too!) (You didn’t think I could just stick to one fact for Matty Ohlund, did you?)

Sami Salo:  He played tennis as a second sport when he was a kid.  That might be what helped him with his 100km slap shot.

Lui:  Would want x-ray vision if he had to choose one super power.

Curtis Sanford:  Likes to read non-fiction.

Phew.  It was hard to dig up silly facts for some of these guys.


9 thoughts on “Little Known Facts About The Canucks Or We Have No Real Hockey News To Talk About

  1. Sami Salo owns my heart and soul<3. This is totally going to be the season I FINALLY get his jersey


    He doesn’t own a TV



  2. Steve Bernier: His favourite road city is LA.

    AH! BIG BEAR! Deep breaths, deep breaths. Its ok. Big Bear is in good hands in Vancouver. Thank GOD he’s not in some desolate hockey wasteland like with the Florida Panthers. Phew. I can rest easier knowing there will beBig Love for Big Bear in B.C. but… BIG BEAR! I CAN’T WAIT TIL HE COMES BACK TO BUFFALO I WILL HAVE TICKETS!

  3. Thanks, wraparoundcurl! Hee. I found Darcy’s web site last week. It’s so funny. And rad.

    M.J, Awww! You totally should! I never see enough Sami Salo sweaters around.

    Anne, we’ll love Big Bear. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll have tons of fun in Vancouver. I’m pumped for that game!

  4. This post is all kinds of awesome. You clearly worked really hard to bring us all the best. Too bad I can’t bring myself to like them anyway. Nazzy seriously helped your team. The fact that Willie Mitchell was a dick? Not so much.

    Ohlund provided Mikko Koivu with an opportunity to be adorable and entertaining, so I forgive him for chopping his leg in half.

  5. Thanks, Kirsten! Awwww. Losing Nazzy definitely sucks. No one’s quite as pretty as him…but there’s got to be someone new we can find you on the Canucks that you like. I would hate for you to have to go back to hating them. That’s sweet of you for forgiving Matty Ohlund.

    Sorry about Parrish by the way. You liked him quite a bit, didn’t you?

  6. Hee! I thought you would like that one, Heather.

    I was the same way. Jeff Cowan drove me absolutely batty last season, and I was hoping he would be traded for a bag of pucks, but after I read that I was all “Well, he can stay around…” Heh.

  7. Sorry about Parrish by the way. You liked him quite a bit, didn’t you?

    Yes, I LOVED Mark Parrish, and now I’m sulking a little bit. He’s really bummed about leaving, and my heart is breaking for him.

    As for Ohlund, I’m not very good at holding grudges, so I decided it was time to let go and move on.

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