A Swedish Tease And A Canadian Boy Walk Into A Bar…

– That Swedish guy is still undecided.  Meh.  I’m so tired of hearing about that.  Just hold on to that lovely 10 million for something else, Gillis, and play the kids.  Then you can afford to extend the Sedins and Matty Ohlund, and buy some younger toys if you need to.

-The off season makes you pay too much attention to prospects, because they seem to be the only ones playing right now.  But look how pretty…

Hurry back hockey, before I become a total drooly girl…

USA Hockey released an article about hockey blogs, and while I applaud the fact they’re talking about blogging and how cool it is, there were two things that bugged me.

1.  This quote, “Only recently have bloggers begun to shed the stereotypical image of a sports junkie posting his computer-generated rants from the safety of his parent’s basement.”

*Emphasis mine.

Not to sound like a crazy feminist, but dude.  There are tons of totally rad blogs out there written by girls these days.  And the percentage of female fans watching hockey is increasing all the time.

2.  Hockeybuzz being listed as the third best blog on the internet.  Excuse me, but what?  Eklund anonymously posts NHL rumours that he hears from his “inside” sources, and several of the team blogs are poorly written and grammatically incorrect.  Not that I think my blog is an absolute literary masterpiece, but I wouldn’t expect to be in a top 10 blog list either.  Kukla’s Korner and James Mirtle deserve to be on that list.  Hockeybuzz?  Not so much.

100 Things Part 3

51.  I always waffle between wanting to live in the country with a bunch of animals, or right in the city.  I love animals and barns and wide open fields, but I also love being able to walk out my door and go to a movie, or the grocery store, or clothes shopping within minutes.

52.  One of my favourite authors ever is Hunter S. Thompson.  His writing style totally rocks and is one of a kind.  The Rum Diary is just a great summer read, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is totally messed up and awesome.  I was bummed when he committed suicide.

53.  I love pretty much every genre of music except jazz.  It just bothers me.  It sounds like everyone is on speed, and it doesn’t have a beginning, middle, or end.  I guess I don’t understand it.

54.  My favourite fruit is a mango.

55.  I don’t think most people understand that the city of Saskatoon is awesome.

56.  Downhill skiing scares me.  I never learned to stop efficiently, and I always imagine myself crashing into a tree.

57.  I have a brother and a sister and I get along really well with my family.

58.  The sexiest movie character ever might be Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

59.  Sometimes I feel like hitting my head against a wall when I think too hard about the Canucks having the best line in hockey, but Dan Cloutier in net and Marc Crawford as a coach, and then in a different time period having Lui in net, but no dynamic scoring.  I know there’s no point, because what’s done is done.  But man.  Sometimes you wonder why these guys can’t do anything right.

60.  Funny guys are the best.  I would happily marry Jon Stewart.

61.  I’ve mistrusted goats ever since one butted me at a petting zoo when I was little.

62.  I went to private school for middle school and high school and I loved it whenever I wasn’t being sent home for dyeing my hair pink or getting a Saturday detention for having my shirt untucked more than three times.

63.  I’ve always been slightly annoyed that I didn’t get either an amazing singing voice or great artistic talent.

64.  While I love the idea of libraries, I hardly ever actually take books out, because I’m addicted to new book smell.

65.  I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember.  About once a month I try to quit, but it never really works for long.  One of these days, it will happen.

66.  I think wearing fur is tacky.

67.  The best sound in the world is a barn late at night, when all you can hear is horses munching on hay. 

68.  I hate, hate, hate New Years.  I think it’s the most overrated holiday in the world.  For ages, I kept thinking I would eventually have a really fun, memorable New Years eve, but I never have.  I think from now on, I’ll just stay in and eat some junk food, and plan what hockey games I’ll go to for the next year.

69.  I think giraffes are wonderful and extremely cute.  I know this must completely shock you, if you’ve spent more than five minutes reading the Humming Giraffe.

70.  While this is probably very unpatriotic of me, I can’t stand Poutine.  Those cheese curds gross me out.

71.  I hate my feet, so I’m always wearing socks, even in the summer.  I also hate wearing flip flops.

72.  My favourite movie of all time is probably a tie between The Sandlot and Office Space. 

73.  I can’t cook well at all.  I can manage pasta and that’s about it.

74.  When I was really little I had an imaginary friend named Duty.  He wore a polka dot tie.

75.  I love being on boats.


16 thoughts on “A Swedish Tease And A Canadian Boy Walk Into A Bar…

  1. 3 things:
    1) More Yann = More yumm
    2) Nailbiting is impossible to stop. I gave it a break starting July 1st. What little nails I had grown were delaminating, chipping, bending backwards and developing tiny barbs that hooked on everything. They lasted all of 3 weeks.
    3) New years does suck, add to that the supposed joy of it also being your birthday and you end up with two things to be disappointed about.

  2. You might have to fight me for Jon Stewart, alix.

    70. While this is probably very unpatriotic of me, I can’t stand Poutine. Those cheese curds gross me out.

    Neither can I! I don’t understand the hype!

    I also love wearing socks. I have never owned a pair of flip-flops nor will I ever own a pair of flip-flops. Hate them.

  3. ooooh – pretty boy!

    ummm – where was I?

    ah yes – still enjoying reading these – you MUST be running out of ideas by now?? I’d struggle to get to 30 let alone 100 lol

    Goats – snap – exact same reason :)

    and as someone old enough to be your ma – let me tell you New Years doesn’t get any better – the staying in thing is a good option

  4. I’m really digging that picture…ahem, but he’s a Canuck. Damnit.

    Boats are awesome. See? You’d be a good Minnesotan afterall. Also, I really love that horse munching sound when all is silent. Barns are so peaceful in the early morning and at night.

  5. Oh, and I couldn’t believe they had Eklund on that list. I assume they just asked somebody instead of checking it out themselves.

    Of course, Eklund’s rumors are either completely made-up or obvious. But the atrocious writing on that site comes in a very close second on my list of why I don’t read it.

  6. wraparoundcurl, rock on twinsie! That video was HILARIOUS!

    1) More Yann = More yumm

    Q-girl, so much word. Yann is le awesome.

    You might have to fight me for Jon Stewart, alix.

    Oh it’s on, Sherry!

    Neither can I! I don’t understand the hype!

    Well, good to know I’m not a total freak of nature Canadian then!

  7. Sarah,

    HA! Yann is very distracting…

    you MUST be running out of ideas by now?? I’d struggle to get to 30 let alone 100 lol

    Yeah, this one was quite a bit harder. I’ll get to 100 somehow though.

    That’s SO funny you had the same problem with a goat!

    Kirsten, hee! He might be the new Canuck you like now that beautiful Nazzy has left. Although he probably won’t be with the big team for a couple of years.

    You’d be a good Minnesotan afterall.

    Yay! I won’t be shunned when I come visit you sometime!

  8. I think this is the first time I’ve posted but I do read-

    Let’s see:

    I hate flip flops but I also hate socks.
    New Year’s is lame. I never do much of anything and that’s great.
    I’m not Canadian but I LOVE poutine! (and Nanaimo bars, and beaver tails)

    and as someone who lives in the middle of nowhere, it’s much more useful to live in civilization.

  9. Thanks for commenting, NottheOrginalSam!

    I totally agree with you on Nanaimo bars and beaver tails!

    So you wear shoes without socks, then?

    Thanks for your input re: living in the middle of nowhere. I think I’m leaning towards civilization…

  10. Nooo I don’t wear shoes without socks! yuck. I just don’t like shoes or socks. (I blame it on my southern louisiana blood even though I was raised in Ohio) so I prefer sandals if at all possible, but when wearing shoes I will wear socks. However, all my socks have fun pictures or designs on them! :)

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