100 Things Finale

Just two quick actual hockey things.

Kyle Wellwood skated with the Canucks this week, according to Canucks.com.  And he’s not broked yet!  Good news, right?  His face has cute little chubby cheeks.  I hope he can actually make some noise with his new guys.

Byron Ritchie is playing in Switzerland next season.  Have fun in the land of chocolate, Ritchie!  I might have said some very bad words to you much more often than you deserved last season.  It wasn’t your fault.  It was AV’s and his absolute whacked out notion that you belonged at the point on the power play.  Again and again and again.  Game after game.  Ahem.  Anyways… I’m sorry.  Good luck in Europe.

Now, the finale of 100 things.  Thanks for reading/commenting.  I know it’s not hockey, but we have to pass the off season somehow.

76.  I love hotels.  The more expensive and the nicer the view the better.  Heh.  And when they have free wireless in the rooms?  Wow.  I never want to leave.

77.  You will probably think less of me now, but my very first hockey crush was Todd Bertuzzi.  This was when I was a very casual Canucks fan.  When he wore Chuck Taylors to interviews, and was oh so snarky to the media, I wanted to doodle Mrs. Todd Bertuzzi on my trapper keeper. 

78.  I’ve broken my arm and had to get stitches in my nose, and they were both horse related.  The pony I was riding took off at a gallop and I couldn’t stop and I decided to jump off and landed right on my arm.  I broke my humerous in my upper arm.  When the doctor made some crack about “It not being very funny, *wink wink* funny/humorous, get it?”  I had to restrain myself from slapping him.  I had to get stitches after I somersaulted over my horse’s head, and decided to hold on to the reins, and pulled his head right into my head.  His tooth sliced open the top of my nose.  When I got my stitches, the doctor joked about this being his first time doing stiches as he had the needle inches from my face.  What is it about me and getting lame jokes from doctors?

79.  I love road trips.  Obviously I don’t drive, since I hate driving.  But I love sitting in a car, blasting some good music, and just watching the country go by.

80.  My favourite city I’ve visited so far is New York.  Everything about it was fun.  I almost got to see Conan O’Brien live, which would have been awesome.  Oh well.  Next time.

81.  I realize there is more important issues in the world that I should pay attention to, but it drives me insane when people confuse your and you’re.  It’s not that hard!

82.  I think Al Gore’s movie of An Inconvenient Truth is totally overrated.  It’s not that I don’t believe in global warming.  I just thought the movie was lame.  Just some power point graphs and multiple cheezy shots of him looking moodily out of an airplane window.  Really?  He won the Nobel Peace Prize for that?  And I bet that airplane wasn’t a hybrid.

83.  I think guys with accents are very foxy.  Swedish and French Canadian have the strongest power over me.

84.  I wear contacts.  When I was younger, I was supposed to wear glasses for a while, but I hated them and never wore them.  Now I kind of think they’re cute.  There’s a lot of stylin glasses around these days.

85.  When I was in high school I did a job shadow at a vet’s office for a day.  I got to watch a cat and a dog get spayed, and a poor little terrier get a bunch of his teeth pulled.  It was actually really cool.  I thought of being a vet for a while until I found out that you have to be crazy good at math and science which I certainly am not.  And then you have to go to school for a million years.

86.  I’ve had surgery three times, and I usually have a weird reaction to the anesthetic.  I either throw up or bawl my eyes out.  Don’t come visit me in the hospital.  Heh.

87.  I think Nelson Mandela is completely rad.  He’s one of my heros.  Everyone should read his autobiography Long Walk To Freedom.

88.  My guilty pleasure tv shows are Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m not sure they are guilty pleasures, but more people should watch Friday Night Lights and How I Met Your Mother.  Friday Night Lights isn’t even really about football and is so well acted and put together so nicely.  And Neil Patrick Harris is sublime in How I Met Your Mother.

89.  Macs seem so pretty, and people constantly tell me I should switch from a PC to a Mac but Macs have always confused me, and I think I’m a PC girl through and through.

90.  I love roller coasters.  There’s this one in California Adventure Park, next to Disneyland, that’s run on magnets, so you go just as fast uphill as downhill.  It rocks!  I went about 5 times in a row.

91.  I can hold my liquor pretty well for a skinny chick.

92.  I love trying out new restaurants.  Vancouver has some fabulous restaurants, if anyone is ever travelling though there.

93.  I’m a bad poker player.  I learned that the hard way after too many games of strip poker.

94.  Handwriting takes me a really long time, so I always just print.  My printing is easier to read too, I think.

95.  My favourite word ever is defenestrate.  It’s pretty awesome that the English language has a word for throwing out of a window.

96.  This is kind of embarrassing, because I don’t think I’m an overly emotional person, but whenever the Canucks have an ad asking for donations for Canuck Place, with one of the players and one of the sick little kids, I bawl like a baby. 

97.  I don’t know how to ride a bike.  I never learned when I was little, and now I think I’m probably way too old to learn how.  (Don’t laugh)

98.  I have a young face, and I get asked for ID pretty much every where I go.  Although maybe not quite as much in the last year or so.  It’s annoying, but people keep telling me I’ll love it later in life.

99.  I hate talking on the phone.  I usually try to get people’s voice mail unless they’re family or close friends.  I much prefer texting.

100.  The Canucks have won every live game I’ve been to.  Which is actually only three.  But still.  I must be lucky.  I called Gillis to tell him that I should be given tickets to a special seat right at the glass behind Matty Ohlund’s spot on the bench if he wants his team to win this season, but he won’t return my call.

I just realized that I forgot to put Trev Linden’s name on my Top Ten Hottest Bitches list in 100 things part one.  I’m not sure how this happened.  I feel horrible.  He should have been 3/4 easy.  The man can work a suit, has great hair, and is one of the most amazing guys.  So Trev gets his own special mention as Hottest Retired Bitch.  And just pretend that he’s on my list instead of…Mike Komisarek.  Mike can be number 11.


7 thoughts on “100 Things Finale

  1. That roller coaster sounds amazing – I wanna go!!!!

    And as for Todd – I still wub the big lug

    I’ve enjoyed reading these – you should be proud of yourself that you are a sufficiently interesting person to have 100 things to say about yourself :D

  2. Just a stop by to say hello, to a fellow lister! I also just completed a “100 things about me.” I broke mine down into ten 10-item posts. Reading yours points out some things that would have been neat to include. Also, the best spot in the world for roller coasters is Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio, just off of Lake Erie.

  3. Sarah, I hope you can go sometime! That roller coaster is soooooo fun!

    Awww. I’m glad someone else likes Todd still. He made a horrible mistake, clearly. But he’s not a horrible person.

    And thanks for liking these and thinking I’m an interesting person. :D For about the last 50, I was like ahhhh I’m so boring. Haha.

  4. Steve K, thanks for dropping by! I think it’s cool to see what people choose to put down for their 100 things. That’s awesome you’re so good at karate :)

    Ohio, huh? I don’t get to the States a lot, but I will definitely keep that in mind!

  5. Also, if you come all the way to Cedar Point, you might as well go south a bit and hit up Kings Island which is near Cincinnati. It’s the home of the longest wooden roller coaster (the Beast, my favorite roller coaster, and one of the few I will still ride) as well as the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster and a bunch of other crazy ones. It’s a great park.

    Trevor Linden is quite foxy indeed. My first favorite hockey team was the Canucks. Though Bure was and still is my #1 player EVER I always very much enjoyed Trev. :)

    I don’t like Macs, they confuse me! I’m a PC girl 100%.

    woohoo road trips! :) But I like the driving part jsut fine.

  6. 82. I think Al Gore’s movie of An Inconvenient Truth is totally overrated. It’s not that I don’t believe in global warming. I just thought the movie was lame. Just some power point graphs and multiple cheezy shots of him looking moodily out of an airplane window. Really? He won the Nobel Peace Prize for that? And I bet that airplane wasn’t a hybrid.

    83. I think guys with accents are very foxy. Swedish and French Canadian have the strongest power over me.

    Re 82: OMG YES. Finally someone agrees with me. I’m an environmental science major, and I could have made a better power point in my sleep. Where’s my nobel peace prize, damnit? A trained monkey is probably smarter than Al Gore, oh wait, he probably IS a trained monkey. (that was a bad election, either George W. Bush or Al Gore. Can’t the US find someone better to run for president?) Wow, sorry. That was a really long rant.

    Re 83: I find both of those to be amazing accents. I really try hard to convince Swedish and French Canadian guys that I don’t speak their languages so they will continue to speak accented English. The accent disappears once I get caught and they switch to their native languages. It’s sad.

  7. SAM, that roller coaster park sounds amazing! if I ever get down that way, I’ll be sure to check it out.

    Bure was a little bit before my time as a Canucks fan. He’s probably one of the players I’m most sad I missed watching.

    Trev is totally one of my heros. Loooove him.

    Macs are hella confusing.

    Kirsten, I didn’t know you are an environmental science major. That’s so cool!

    That was a really bad election indeed. Bush is horrible, but Gore wasn’t that great an alternative.

    And I’m so sorry you end up getting caught as a native speaker by hot accented boys :D Such a shame.

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