Rant Time!

Now, I know hockey fans that are not Canucks fans get tired of us always complaining about Vancouver’s travel schedule.  I probably would to if I wasn’t a Canucks fan.  It’s true that the NHL can’t help that the geography of Vancouver is so far away from every other NHL city.  But!  Knowing this, the NHL could make it as convenient as possible for the Canucks.  So, when I’m going through major hockey withdrawal and printing out and colouring in the Canucks schedule like the dork that I am, and notice something like this on the schedule, I want to cry at how little sense it makes. 

In the month of November, the Canucks play the Islanders on the 17th, and then the Rangers on the 19th in New York.  So far, not too bad at all.  But then, they have to play the Wild the very next night after the Rangers in Minnesota.  A minor annoyance, yet not that horrible if they go home after Minnesota or least stay in the Western time zone.  That would make sense, right?  Not to the NHL.  The Canucks have to fly back to the East to play the Penguins on the 22nd.  Why do the Canucks have to fly back to the East after playing the Wild?  That’s just added unnecessary travel.  Would have it been that hard for them to play in Pittsburgh and then travel to Minnesota after?  Or just schedule them to play the Penguins on a different Eastern road trip?  Or just have them not play the Wild on that date?  It’s not like we don’t see the Wild enough as it is.  I just don’t understand.  When Sid the Kid leaves on his Western road trips, he plays all the Western teams at once, and then goes home to the East.  You know.  Just to use an example. 

To sum up, the Canucks travel to the East, travel back West for one game, and then go East again for another game. I will demonstrate this schedule annoyance in the following pictures.

Johnny will act as the average Canuck player.  See Johnny in his lovely Vancouver habitat.  He’s very comfortable and energetic and well rested.  Johnny is ready to take on the Islanders, Rangers, and Wild. 

Now if you will observe Johnny after travelling East and West and East again.  This is how he feels before even having to hit the ice against Sid the Kid.  He’s so exhausted, everything is dark and grey.  Take a peek.  But I warn you, it’s not very pretty.

Poor, poor Johnny.  Poor, poor Canucks.  Next time, NHL, please don’t be so silly and save the Canucks from this horrible fate.


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