Medals, And Masks, And Assistant Coaches, Oh My!

I have never been so enthralled by the Olympics before.  Swimming, gymnastics, equestrian, baseball, sprinting.  It’s all good.  Oh, Canada.  Still don’t have a medal, huh?  It’s ok.  I know the summer Olympics just aren’t your thing.  It’s just so hard when it doesn’t involve hockey.  We’ll just try not to think too hard about Togo and Uzbekistan having more medals than you.  I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

My new favourite Olympian is clearly swimmer Brent Hayden after this quote,

“I have been cheering for the Canucks for how long and they still never have won a Stanley Cup,”  “I still love them. I hope Canadians can think of us the same way.”

Love him!  Although I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry after reading that.

The German dude that won the individual eventing gold medal in equestrian is still a full time dentist.  He works all day and then rides his horse in the evening.  That is cool. 

One of the Brazilian riders yelled “WOOOOOOO!!”” when he finished his cross country course, and practically made out with his horse he was so excited.  That was completely adorable.

Michael Phelps is le awesome.

Beavers might be the greatest name I have ever heard for a Canadian athelete.  Too bad Keith Beavers is apparently retiring from competitive swimming after these Olympics.

The sprinters are crazy fun to watch.  I hate running, but they amaze me.  The Jamaicans are bitchin.  Is it something they eat? Something about the climate?  Who knows.  But it’s fun to watch.

The fabulous wraparoundcurl sent me a link about Curtis Sanford asking Canucks fans to design his mask for next season.  That’s pretty epic and cool.  Apparently it was all Sandman’s idea.  And good job by the Canucks to market their team in a fun and unique way.  I am not artistically creative at all, so I won’t enter, but it will be cool to see the designs.  But do you think he’ll actually get to wear his new fancy mask for more than three games?  I hope so.  Sandman seems like a nice guy.

The Canucks finally got around to hiring their last Assistant Coach.  I didn’t know him, but he sounds good.  Darryl Williams will focus on post game video analysis and keeping our boys nice and fit, as well as standing behind the bench with the other coaches.  Good stuff. 

And finally, The Hockey News continues in their quest to get me to buy a puppy and start using their magazine to clean up messes as he potty trains with the recent division rankings they put out.  They said the Canucks would be the only team in the NW not to make the playoffs.  Yeah.  And Colorado is a complete lock with their absolutely terrifying goalie tandem of Budaj and Raycroft.  Oh man.  I just want the season to start so they can start proving all these media people wrong.  Between this and their absolutely pathetic and untrue draft write up about my cousin, they are dead to me.

*Updated Friday night- WOOOOO!! Canada finally has a medal! Women’s wrestling for the win! She still has to wrestle in the final but she’s at least garaunteed a silver. Rock on Carol Huynh!


                        That’s the face of a winner right there.


2 thoughts on “Medals, And Masks, And Assistant Coaches, Oh My!

  1. “Jamaicans are bitchin.”

    So are the Kenyans. I root for them in track. haha

    Go Canada and their medal! What whaatt!!!

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