Medals, Medals, Medals!

Canada just had a slow start, that’s all!  They just had to shake off the extra cobwebs and poutine pounds.  We now have 9 medals. 

Gold medals in Rowing(men’s eight) and women’s Wrestling.

Silver medals in Equestrian Jumping, Trampoline, and Rowing(men’s pair)

Bronze medals in Rowing(men’s and women’s), Swimming, and women’s Wrestling.

Not too shabby.  I was really pumped for the Equestrian team.  Riding is near and dear to my heart, obviously.  I wanted to be Jill Henslewood when I was little.  And I’m happy for Ian Miller finally getting his first medal after 9 Olympics at age 61!  They had a jump off with the Americans for the Gold medal, and just came up short.

It was nice for the men’s eight to win gold in rowing.  They wanted to redeem themselves after getting 5th in Athens.  And redeem they did.  They dominated that final.

I don’t think we have to hang our heads in shame anymore.


2 thoughts on “Medals, Medals, Medals!

  1. As an injured rower (injured so badly I might not row again. It makes me grumpy), I’m somewhat bitter about watching the rowing. I have to admit, I watched the Canadian 8 on YouTube, and that boat was a thing of beauty. The stern check was barely there, they moved like one rower. My coach is an Olympic coach, and I’m sure she dreams of having us look half that good. I guess I can’t not watch.

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