More Olympics And Some Hockey Too.

I go on vacation for a couple of days, and Canada decides to scoop up some more medals when I’m not even watching.  We’re up to 15 now!  Considering we aren’t strong in the summer Olympics, that’s pretty cool.  I’ve been smiling ear to ear about Eric Lamaze’s Gold medal today in the Equestrian.  I totally dig Eric Lamaze.  He’s bad ass and pretty tasty for an old guy.  He’s overcome some drug problems to totally rock out for his country and win the big stuff.  That’s awesome.  His horse Hickstead was jumping absolutely beautifully.  It was Canada’s first individual Equestrian medal in 40 years!

I’ve totally tuned out the whole Sundin thing because it’s very boring at this point, but I was checking out today just getting caught up on my Vancouver news, and I saw this.  And I laughed.  So I figured I could talk about Sundin long enough to pass it on.

Straight Jab cartoon by Ken Henderson at

Any idea on who should be the Canucks new pretty, pretty captain?  That seems to be the hot question right now.  I sure wouldn’t mind putting a C on my Matty Ohlund sweater.  But Willie Mitchell is probably the safe bet.  He would be good, no doubt.  I would guess they’re probably grooming Kes or Bieksa for it down the road.

The boys are skating at 8 Rinks. had pictures and everything!  Hockey is just around the corner now.  Too bad I’m already back at school when training camp rolls through Whistler.  Whistler’s small, and the guys will be everywhere.  Oh well.  I’m too broke to party anyways.


2 thoughts on “More Olympics And Some Hockey Too.

  1. *Sigh* So true, Kirsten. Willie Mitchell doesn’t work hottness wise for me. But he’s the guy that the coaches would most likely pick for captain. I think.

    If I were picking captain just for prettiness I would probably have to include

    Big Bear
    Kevin Bieksa
    Matty Ohlund
    Alex Burrows
    Taylor Pyatt
    Matt Pettinger
    Rob Davison

    But really, no one can touch Nazzy.

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