Players Admitting They Will Probably Suck.

Today was cold and rainy, which is rather depressing for late August, but it was total hockey weather, and now I’m pining excessively for new hockey.  Is this the longest, most irritating off season ever?  I think so.  But just to make sure I don’t get too excited for the new season, in their roundabout way, the Canucks continue to try and destroy my spirit.  This is a quote from Kyle Wellwood from the Vancouver Province ,

“It’s a hit or miss with me,” Wellwood acknowledged

“I’m either going to bounce back and play really well and put up points and they’ll have a player they are looking for for nothing, or I’m just not going to do it. It’s all in my hands and I know training camp and the start of the season is going to be pretty big for me.”

Great!  A Canuck player basically telling us he’s going to suck before the season even starts.  Lovely.  At least he’s honest, eh?  *Sigh*  I thought this part of the article was particularly terrifying as well, “Quite simply, he(Wellwood)is here to try and help kickstart a moribund Canuck offence.”   Aren’t you just filled with excitement for the Canucks season? 

That big, bald Swedish guy is still pondering his options.  He said he’d decide in August, and it’s now August 26.  He’s got four more days before he’s a liar.  I haven’t talked about him lately, because I find him boring after this long, but I wish he would just decide so Gillis can move on to sorting out the Sedin/Matty Ohlund contract situations.  I know he can’t do anything until he knows what his cap looks like, but I’m starting to get a little nervous there’s been absolutely no news on those three.  I’m trying to remain calm, but I don’t know what this blog will do if Matty Ohlund is no longer a Canuck.  So, snap out of it, Mats!  You champion fence sitter.

I still can’t pick my second favourite player.  I think Burr and Big Bear are winning by a nose.  But then I watched a Kevin Bieksa fight on Youtube and I got delighted with him all over again. 

News is slow.  I’ve been trying not to rage at the season predictions that are coming out from hockey writers everywhere.  Hopefully this last month will fly by and I won’t have to dig in to my liquor supply until at least halfway through the season (HA!).

13 thoughts on “Players Admitting They Will Probably Suck.

  1. BIG BEAR! PICK BIG BEAR!!! He’s adorably inconsistent and has adorably poor English speaking skills, but he tries to soldier through and usually says at least one totally wacky grammatically incorrect phrase per interview. He frequently discussed how he enjoyed being a “Sabres” and he openly discussed his man-dates he went on with Derek Roy and Jason Pominville. Although you’re probably over paying him, so I could see why there might be some hesitation in your outpouring of love for BIG BEAR!!

  2. Jared, :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: (I laughed so hard I sprayed beer out my nose)

    Adopting the Chiefs is really tempting, wrap! I’m sure they would break my heart less than the Canucks, being proven winners and all. Am I allowed to though, considering my cousin is a Giant? It’s not like you’re the Silvertips…

    M.J, yes, honesty is important. At least Mr. Wellwood has that.

    Anne, I do really enjoy Big Bear. He is all kinds of adorable. And he’s skating the earliest he’s ever skated, and saying all the right things, so I’m sure I’ll get over the offer sheet if he manages to stay adorable and score a few goals. He’s definitely in the running…

  3. Kyle Wellwood should not be allowed near the MN state fair. Everything you can imagine deepfried and on a stick.

    I’m sorry your team is predicted to suck. If if makes you feel any better, apparently Wild fans are suddenly going to become fickle assholes and turn their backs on the team.

  4. Kirsten, good to know. No fairs for Wellwood.

    That’s lame about the Wild fans. Bandwagonning fans are the worst. The Canucks always seem to do better when everyone rips them in the off season, so for some reason I’m a tiny bit optimistic.

    Thanks for the links, wrap :)

    Hee! He definitely should avoid that, Patty. I bet it’s fun though.

  5. Wild fans aren’t bandwagon fans, but the beat writer for the Minneapolis paper IS an idiot. He seems to think Wild fans will lose interest or something. I dunno, he writes a lot of random shit, and he ripped my boy Mark Parrish when he left. That didn’t make him many friends in Minnesota.

  6. That’s dumb, Kirsten. Besides Canadian teams, you guys are probably the most devoted to your team. And poor Parrish, he didn’t deserve to be ripped. I’d say that guy needs to go. Is it Russo?

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