August Is Boring But Hockey Must Be Right Around The Corner

August has been the longest, slowest month ever, but thankfully training camp is coming up fast and there’s been lots of articles about the start of the season. Pre season should be here before we know it.

Oh Nazzy, why do you have to be like that? From Slap Shot, ““I want to show that I can play better,” he told Gunnar Nordström. “I really want to have a good year and have trained harder than ever this summer.”

“I feel better prepared than perhaps ever before an NHL season and I’m aware that it is important that I get a good start in New York.” 

 Ouch, Nazzy.  It sounds like you didn’t want to get prepared to play in Vancouver.  That hurts.  But I know you needed a fresh start, and I still love you.  I’m just not sure how I can cheer for you as a Ranger.

That article made me a little sad, but there’s been some articles about new and returning Canucks that actually have me pretty happy and excited for the season.

The Sedins were interviewed in a Swedish paper, and Danny thinks Matty Ohlund would be a good captain.  I agree!  They sound excited to keep playing in Vancouver.  I hope their extension gets ironed out sooner than later.

Big Bear is sounding all determined and adorable in this article from the Vancouver ProvinceBernier ready for big impact.  “My goal is every time I’m on the ice, people know it.”

I figured Cody Hodgson was a long shot to make the Canucks this season, but he sounds like he wants to make an impact right away.  Fron the Vancouver Province,

Gagner doesn’t discount Hodgson’s high aspirations. “As much as he’d like to play for Team Canada, I know Cody would rather play for Team Vancouver,”

If Sundin doesn’t come, I’m sure we’ll see a least a couple of the young guys get a real chance at getting some good ice time, which should be pretty fun to watch.

After reading this interview with Kevin Bieksa in the Vancouver Sun, I think he immediately became my second favourite.  He’s just so awesome.  Even after having a really tough season with a horrible injury, he still has a positive attitude.

He refuses to regard last year as a lost season. “I still learned a lot of things,” he said. “I learned how to play through adversity, how to play hurt, how to rehab. I learned a lot of things. I wouldn’t call it a total loss.” 

And I also loved, loved, loved this quote,

“I think [missing the playoffs] makes everyone hungrier. You can just see how many guys are here. What are we, three or four weeks to camp, but we’ve got 10, 11, 12 guys here? Everyone just seems to be recharged this year and hungrier and ready to go. I think we’re going to have a lot more fire to our game.” 

These quotes were a lot more confidence building than Kyle Wellwood’s quote, that’s for sure. I know the hockey experts are writing the Canucks off already, but this gave me a really good feeling.  The guys might surprise us and be just fine.  Can hockey just start right now?

5 thoughts on “August Is Boring But Hockey Must Be Right Around The Corner

  1. HAHAHA!!! That song works for them perfectly, wrap!

    Bernier is a cutie pie for sure, Kirsten. I hope he lives up to expectations.

    It doesn’t take much to get caught up for the hockey season.

  2. BIG BEAR!

    Ok, I have nothing to say about him but I had to toss that in there.

    Kevin Bieksa sounds like a champ. I have a soft spot for positive thinkers like that. My 2 favorite Sabres have a “Come on guys! If we just work hard then, gosh darn it, we’ll be great! Let’s go get ’em!” attitude about basically everything.

  3. Anne, Bieksa is made of awesome. Looove him. Too bad his name is in every single trade rumour.

    I’m so pumped to watch Big Bear.

    Let me guess…Pommerdoodle and Goose?

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