Comings And Goings And Honourings

Gillis traded Ryan Shannon to the Senators for Lawrence Nycholat.  Colour me confused on this one.  I know Ryan Shannon didn’t exactly light it up last season, but he’s a forward.  And Lawrence Nycholat is a defenceman.  Huh.  I guess being itty bitty kind of worked against Shannon.  I always liked him and I hope he does well in Ottawa.  I don’t know.  Hopefully this one will get explained along the way.  Perhaps it is step one in a bigger trade?  Otherwise, pass the vodka.

The Canucks also announced they will be honouring Luc Bourdon’s memory at the home opener.  This was obviously a given, but it’s nice to here their official plan.  A tribute video will be played before the start of the game with a moment of silence after, and each fan attending the game will receive a pin honouring Luc.  The players will also wear something on their helmets all season.  I think it might be nice if it was something similar to the guitar pins that all the management guys wore at the draft.  This will be a very emotional night, but I’m glad they’re doing it.


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