A Trevor Linden Love Fest And More Reasons To Adore Darcy Hordichuk

It’s finally official!  Trevor Linden night will be December 17th before the Oilers game.  His number will be retired and his sweater raised to the rafters.  There will also be some special guests and speakers according to Canucks.com.  I would imagine that this game will sell out in seconds.  I’ll be in front of my lap top bawling my eyes out probably.  I’ve already gone into lengthy emotional girly detail here, here, and here about how much I adore Trev, so I’ll just say that this was well deserved and a no brainer.

It has come to my attention that I might be a tiny bit in love with Darcy Hordichuk.  I was taking a peek at Kukla’s Korner this afternoon, and I stumbled across this post about Darcy and his “fearsome” dogs.  The accompanying picture and quotes from Darcy are hilarious.  If his personal web site with fight hightlights wasn’t enough, he just continues to crank out the awesomeness.

And here’s a quote from Darcy about his slathering beasts also from the Vancouver Sun.

“They are to protect my wife,” Hordichuk winked Wednesday after a skate at Burnaby 8-Rinks. “They’re two big killers. Twelve pounds each. We named Chandler when we lived in Chandler, Ariz., and Franklin when we lived in Franklin, Tenn. They’re loving it here in Vancouver, walking up and down the streets of Yaletown meeting all the other dogs.”

Hilarious!  High five to Alanah from Canucks and Beyond for posting this.

6 thoughts on “A Trevor Linden Love Fest And More Reasons To Adore Darcy Hordichuk

  1. I had to blog that as soon as I saw Alanah’s piece too. So adorable :)

    “they’re two big killers”


    good on the guy for having a great sense of humour :)

  2. Wrap, I know! I’m digging on him majorly. Soooo awesome!

    Sarah, great minds think alike I guess! Hee. I love how any other guy would be afraid of looking like a dork, but Darcy’s so rad he can get away with it.

  3. I know I’m terrified, Anne!

    Patty, I’m SOOO excited to watch him play this season! And I like never even knew he was playing for Nashville last season. He looks like fun.

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