Excuse Me? Don’t Make Me Punch You

So, I’ve raged at all the season previews saying the Canucks are going to be so bad this year that we’ll contend for Tavares, but they were a little understandable, if slightly unnecessarily exaggerated, because they always mentioned the Canucks lack of talent at forward.  Plus, they were usually written by rival fans or beat writers.  But when a writer for NHL.com declares that the Canucks biggest weakness is defence, I just have to shake my head. 

This is probably where the Canucks are weakest, which means Luongo can expect to see a lot of rubber this season.

What?  Has this guy even watched the Canucks in the last three years?  Or did he happen to catch only a couple of games from last season when the entire top six guys were injured and half our line up belonged in the AHL?  This makes me so angry!  I love my D boys.

He also added this to the article.

While there are three older, capable defensemen still in the fold in Willie Mitchell, Sami Salo and Mattias Ohlund, things get a little hairy after that. The untimely passing of Bourdon certainly threw a wrench into the Canucks’ plans.

First of all, don’t write that Matty Ohlund’s old!  He doesn’t want to hear that.  And since when is 31(Matty), 32(Mitchell), and 34(Sami Salo) that old?  It’s not like we’re talking about that fossil Chris Chelios here.  Then, “things get a little hairy after that”?  That’s just a stupid statement.  Yes, tragically losing Luc Bourdon, who was shaping up to be a total beast certainly hurts, but he wasn’t playing with the Canucks night in, night out.  I wouldn’t call the Canucks d men hairy just yet.  Matty Ohlund, Sami Salo, Kevin Bieksa, Willie Mitchell, Lukas Krajicek, and Alex Edler are all capable of playing top four minutes.  Alex Edler is one of the most promising young d-men in the league.  Kevin Bieksa racked up 42 points in his rookie season, and should bounce back from his injury filled sophomore one .  Rob Davison was playing 15-20 minutes a night on Long Island.  I think we’re just fine on defence. 

It would be nice if the NHL had a guy writing about the Canucks that actually knew what he was talking about.


5 thoughts on “Excuse Me? Don’t Make Me Punch You

  1. Ha, we damn near wrote the same thing! Though it was mildly refreshing to have a story about the Canucks that didn’t fault their offense as a weakness. How…odd feeling.

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