I Want More Twins!

So creepily similar. And awesome.

Gillis is finally meeting with the twins and their agent J.P Barry on Wednesday, according to the Vancouver Sun.  Hopefully to iron out a nice juicy contract extension.  Thank goodness.  I was starting to get a little worried it was taking so long.  I just hope Gillis and Barry don’t get into a pissing match over Gillis’s bitchy comments about the twins in his first press conference and they end up walking.  The twins are good, and we need them.  Just give them 5.5/6 million each and tell them that they’re wanted.  They work their butts off and they deserve it. 

That same Vancouver Sun article had some great stats.

In the last two seasons, Daniel has 158 points and Henrik 157. Mats Sundin, who has left Gillis hanging on a two-year, $20-million offer and whose only contract right now is with an online poker service, has 154 points the last two seasons.

Only 18 players have outscored the Sedins. There are 30 NHL first lines—by definition, 90 first-line players. So the twins not only score like first-line players, but are among the better ones in the league.

You can’t really argue with that.  Sure, they might not excite you as much as Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby, but they do perform, and it just makes sense to keep them.  Do the Canucks have a prospect(or two) on the farm that could replace their production right now?  No.  It’s also not a guarantee that Gillis can replace them with free agents in the summer.  We need more twin time.


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