Happy Birthday Matty!

Hooray!  It’s my favourite Swede’s birthday today! (And I’m not a stalker, because it says it right there on the Canucks website)  I hope you have a lovely day, Matty.  Thanks for being so totally rad.  Maybe Gillis can give you a contract extension as your present.  If I have to personally show him footage of how frightening the defence looked like when you were injured, I’ll do it.  If they ask me who should be Captain next season, you know who I would write down on my ballot.  Although, I would hate for you to get insulted like Nazzy did.  Have fun, Matty!  I’m sure this will lead into you having a totally kick ass year.  Hugs and kisses.

Humming Giraffe.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Matty!

  1. Happy Birthday Matty!

    And that cake is soo totally amazing. I want it! My 2 yr old nephew would love it, he’s totally into giraffes right now. :)

  2. Ok, I believe you. Mr. Ohlund, Minnesota (or at least I) forgive(s) you.

    A happy birthday to you, and thanks for bringing out the sexy, vindictive side of Mikko Koivu for us.

    PS, you owe Alix a big thank you for her tireless efforts to make me not mad at you any more. You should maybe bring her a piece of cake.

  3. YAY! Although that first game against you guys when he was booed all night, but then he set up the game winner for the Sedins was rather hott. Maybe I don’t want Minnesota to forgive him just yet :P

    Although it’s very nice that you forgave him :)

    And I would love a piece of cake from Matty. Heh.

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