Pre Training Camp Roundup

So, today is the day that Hank and Danny meet Gillis for dinner.  I know they keep saying that an extension will not be talked about in detail at all, and this is a feeling out stage only, but I think this dinner pretty much seals whether or not there will be wonder twin power past this season.  Gillis better be nice.  It sounds like if the twins get a NTC, they will be willing to sign for around $5 million.  My goodness.  If that doesn’t get done, something is very wrong with this team.  I wouldn’t even be pissed if they got $5.5/6.  Get er’ done, Gillis.

I’ve heard rumours that Gillis will also be talking to JP Barry about Matty Ohlund’s extension.  I hope so.  I know he’s quiet, Gillis, but you shouldn’t forget about him.  He kind of rocks like so hard.

Kevin Bieksa, future Captain?  From the Vancouver Province,

Most of the Canucks are now skating daily at Burnaby 8-rinks, with players like Kevin Bieksa putting the team through drills.

That’s what I like to read.  My boys are working hard.  I also love that Michael Grabner is already in Vancouver and skating with the team.  It would be pretty great if he could make the team this season.  The Canucks need a sniper like him in the worst way.

Any bets on how long until Demitra and AV are bitching at each other?  Also from the Vancouver Province.

For starters, Demitra said he’s not a fan of line juggling. And if he’s playing centre, he’d like to take a pass on the position’s responsibilities which are accompanied by the adjective “defensive.”

Oh Demitra.  I’m glad you’re excited about playing in Vancouver, I just wonder how long that will last.  Good luck, my dear.  It was nice to hear you’re ready for “offensive exploits” though.

Finally, a very adorable article about Ryan Kesler in the Vancouver Sun, assuring us that being a new dad will not cause him to stop being an awesome little punk on the ice.  Love him.


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