Hockey Is So Close I Can Lick The Ice

We’re down to the wire, my lovelies.  Hockey is almost here.  Isn’t it exciting?  Even though I’m still confused about the Canucks second line, I am very excited.  Rookies are ready to prove themselves, the new guys are ready to rock out in their Vancouver sweaters, and the old guys want to make up for the disaster that was last season.  I’m lusting for that first hit against the glass, that first goal of the season, that first pretty, pretty Sedin passing play, that first time Burr and Kes cause the other team to lose it, and that first time I’m ever so happy that I have Ohlund’s name on the back of my sweater.  Does anyone else have it as bad as me?  Just four quick things.

1.  Gillis and the twins are sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!  They’re just hugging it out. 

“I felt good after the meeting,” Daniel said. “I talked to Henrik in the car after and it felt good. Mike is a nice man. I like his ideas on the team. He wants to play a more exciting style of game. We had an open dialogue.”

“My impression of them was very good,” Gillis said. “The meeting was a social dinner to get to know one another in person, to spend a bit of time with them  and discuss my philosophy of where I want this team to go.”   Both quotes from the Vancouver Sun.

“You know, these guys are 75-point guys, do I think they can be 90-point guy? Yes I do. And do I think they can be leaders on this team, and step into a greater leadership role, I do.”(Gillis).  From Sportsnet.

2.  Alex Burrows deserves to have your bras thrown at him.  He’s definitely into signing a contract extension, and I hope it gets done ASAP.  I adore Burrows.  He’s just a freakin feel good story.  Read some of his lovely quotes here and here, if you’re ready to fall in love.

3.  I joined a fantasy league with a bunch of the good people over at IPB.  I’ve been obsessively ranking and re ranking my players in between all the textbook reading I have to do.  Maybe this is common, or maybe I’m majorly OCD.  I’m hoping my team somehow ends up talented and good looking.

4.  It kind of irritates the hell out of me that Sarah Palin is labelling herself a “hockey mom”.  I hate that a ton of people will think that’s exactly what all hockey fans are like.  I pretty much couldn’t disagree with her more.  I know this isn’t really hockey, and maybe I shouldn’t care because I’m Canadian, but there you go.


6 thoughts on “Hockey Is So Close I Can Lick The Ice

  1. Sarah Palin is scary – and I’m even further away from the States than you are but I’m worried.

    But hey, it’s nearly HOCKEY TIME!!!! :D So I’m not going to stress too much about power crazed right wing demon women.

    My local team has its season opening partay this Sunday – I’m going to be at rinkside for the first time since May – it seems so long ago. Can’t wait.

    And other good news – Centre Ice has just launched over here in Europe – so, if I can rustle up the big bucks it costs, I’ll be able to see pretty much EVERY Canucks game this season – YAY!!!!

    I’m so excited my leg is twitching :)

    Oh – and I agree Burr is adorable and obviously Kes is still my main squeeze, but right now I am crushing SO bad on Darcy Hordichuk. It was the cute little doggies that tipped me over the edge :)

    Still haven’t forgotten your t shirt by the way – I’ll get it to you for the start of the regular season if it kills me. Just been so busy recently. Being a full time working single mum is a pain – I need a nice rich NHL sugar daddy to pay my keep!

  2. He’s just so loveable, wrap.

    Eee!!! That’s so exciting about center ice, Sarah! Center Ice online like totally saved my life last year at school.

    Burr and Kes are tres adorable.

    And Darcy is extremely crushable! Me and wraparoundcurl both seem to have the same affliction :P

    I need a nice rich NHL sugar daddy to pay my keep!

    HA! Don’t we all! :D No worries on the t-shirt.

  3. Hee! I would be a kick ass GM, Pookie. Would all the Devils have to call me Ms.Wright? Heh.

    Dani, Entourage reference for the win! I do smell the ice! It smells very good.

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