Baby Prospects Sneak Peak…I Try Not To Drool On My Keyboard.

YES! This is my first taste of actual Canucks hockey.  Even though it’s just le babies.  Unfortunately they’re down 2-0 against the Flames after the first period.  I hate losing to even the bebeh Flames.  But no matter.  There’s plenty of hockey left to be played.

Ewwwwww. I know this is technically Flames TV, but could I not be tormented with a Dion Phaneuf feature in the intermission?  That’s just wrong.

Yann Sauve is soooooo pretty.  He looks superb out there.  And I’m not just saying that because I like his face.  He’s made some lovely passes and some nice hits. 

Daniel Rahimi is a BEAST.  I think he might be like seven feet tall.  He’s absolutely destroyed some guys on the Flames.  He’s also made some really solid defensive plays. 

Taylor Ellington is a pretty skater and made some nice plays with the puck.

PC Labrie looks pretty dangerous with the puck.  I know nothing about him.

Cody Hodgson and Michael Grabner look great together.  Grabby is faaaaast.  And Cody looks sharp. No goals yet, but they’ve tried some nice plays.

The babies just look a little nervous and scrambly.  I’m sure they’ll get it together in the second period.

YEAH!!! That’s what I’m talking about! Grabby goal with an assist to Cody! Gendur helped out on that one too. These boys got some chemistry.

The boys look so much better this period. They’ve got their legs.

Morgan Clarke the goalie makes me nervous. 

But whatever. Grabby/Cody/Dan G make me so happy!  So many pretty plays.  Cody is quite the little play maker. Grabby looks terrific! Maaaaan he’s fast!

Hee! Grabby is such a stud!  He gets hit hardcore but still manages to score. Looooove him!

Eizenman looks sassy.  He’s on a try out, I think. I keep wanting to call him Yzerman though. Heh.

So…the last half of the third was a bit of mess.  But oh well!

Dan Gendur looked quite good with Cody Hodgson and Michael Grabner.  Hard to believe that he was a 7th rounder.

I’m so glad they picked Cody Hodgson in June.  I luff him already.  The boy can even penalty kill beautifully.

Grabby wants to play in Vancouver.  I’ll be really surprised if he doesn’t get a long try out.  Man.  It looks like he has rockets in his skates.

Yann Sauve was delightful.  He was a lovely as I had hoped.

Hockey is really back! YAY!  I can’t wait until real training camp opens.


8 thoughts on “Baby Prospects Sneak Peak…I Try Not To Drool On My Keyboard.

  1. Yeah. Clark is a 6th round pick, so I’m not putting great expectations for him yet… but everyone has room for improvement.. and since his dad is one of the best goalie coaches, he certainly has the opportunities to improve.

    I feel so bad for him tho :(!

  2. oh I would have liked to have seen that game!
    was it on t’interweb?

    As for hockey is really back – it certainly is for me – my local team had their season opening part-AY on Sunday and it’s our first game tomorrow night.

    I can’t remember ever being so hyped for the start of the season I can barely sit still :)

    And I have just bit the bullet and treated myself to ESPN 360 (ie Centre Ice for us Europeans) so I will be able to see almost every Canucks game this season, instead of the tiny handful that our sports network used to tease us with.

    can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait

  3. I feel so bad for him tho :(!

    Me too! Poor button. He was probably super nervous too which just made it worse.

    Grabby is such a brilliant skater.

    He really is! Wow.

    Sarah, yeah you could watch it on The one against the Oilers should be there too tonight at 6.00pm Vancouver time.

    That’s sooooo awesome you got center ice! You’ll love it.

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