Baby Canucks 5 Baby Oilers 2

The babies looked much more put together tonight. 

I was sad that Grabby was scratched, since he so entertained me last night with the rockets in the skates.  But I guess that means he’s resting up for main camp, which is a very good thing.

Yann Sauve had some rough decisions with the puck tonight, but then would look incredibly lovely on some plays later in the game.  It will be fun to see if he can get more consistent as he gets older.

Cory Schneider is awfully good.  He made some wicked saves and just looks incredibly calm.  In a way, not that I would ever complain about having Lui, but in a way, it’s a shame that we probably won’t get a chance to see what Corey can do in a Canucks sweater as a starting goalie.

Cody Hodgson.  Wow.  Easily the best skater on the ice.  Absolutely dominated.  It’s hard not to already get excited about having this guy down the road.  The passes made me actually drool.  He’s a beauty.


4 thoughts on “Baby Canucks 5 Baby Oilers 2

  1. Ahh!! Alix!! CORY! XDD No e!! *one of her annoying pet peeves XDDDDDDDDD*

    Anyway… Teh Schneids was so sexy tonight. Seriously. We must keep this guy. Forever. If possible. (I can’t stop calling him Teh Schneids) (and is it bad that I really want to stick with Teh Schneids more than Lui long term???!!! I mean… our very own developed goalie!)

  2. @wrap It’s probably because he has already proven himself enough after last night’s game? They needed o let the scratched players from last night’s game to play XD?

  3. Yeah, I was bummed to not see Grabby, wrap! Boo urns!

    Rinslet, it’s no E?!?! Seriously? Where the hell have I been? Heh.

    And I’m actually very much with you on not wanting to lose The Schneids. It would be pretty damn cool to have our own Carey Price. But even more awesome. I do adore Lui, but the more I hear The Schneids interviewed and watch him, the more I kind of love him. I’m a little bit torn on the goalie situation…

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