Are Pigs Flying? And Other Training Camp Opening Excitement.

–  I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear reports of pigs flying in the next few days.  Tony Gallagher, or Mr. Must Insult The Canucks in 500 Words Or less, wrote a positively gushy article in the Vancouver Province about the optimism surrounding the Canucks and their future.  I admit, I was stunned.  Surely something terrible is about to happen.  But anyways, props to him for doing something out of his comfort zone.  And I actually genuinely adored his lines about Alex Burrows.

Hell, the fact we were ever exposed to Alex Burrows in the first place was shocking in itself, until everyone discovered this fellow has the most sublime, consistent desire you’ll ever hope to see.

–  I kind of love that everyone is totally bashing the Canucks and has them missing the playoffs.  They always seem to surprise when they’re totally written off.  This season has a two years ago feeling to it (when they set a points record and went to the second round of the playoffs after they were supposed to get nowhere except the lottery)

– Cuts were made after the end of Rookie Camp.  I hate to see the little buttons cut, but it has to be done.  And all the little babies that impressed me so much, and might have even made me drool, are coming to big boy camp, so I’m happy.

The following players have been assigned to the Manitoba Moose:

Mario Bliznak Centre Manitoba Moose AHL
Patrick Coulombe Defence Manitoba Moose AHL

The following players have been assigned to their junior clubs:

Morgan Clark Goalie Red Deer WHL
Prab Rai Centre Seattle WHL

The following players have been released but will be attending the Manitoba Moose camp:

Jordie Benn Defence Manitoba Moose AHL
Oren Eizenman Forward Manitoba Moose AHL
Julien Ellis Goalie Manitoba Moose AHL
Scott Howes Left Wing Manitoba Moose AHL
Travis Ramsey Defence Manitoba Moose AHL

The following players have been released:

Shawn Boutin Defence
Tyler Matheson Left Wing
Tom May Forward
Kyle Neuber Right Wing
Jordan Skellet Left Wing

 – Grabby, Cody Hodgson, Yann Sauve, Daniel Rahimi, Cory Schneider, Taylor Ellington, Dan Gendur, Juraj Simek, and PC Labrie will all get to impress me for even longer.  Good work, babies!

– Just knowing that all the veterans report tomorrow to get poked and prodded by the medical staff in their cute little short shorts has me all hot and bothered.  Hockey is coming!

–  With training camp opening, and other teams announcing their new Captains already, I’m absolutely dying to know who the Canucks are picking.  Sure, the safe money is on Willie Mitchell.  But maybe they’ll give me the best surprise ever and give Matty Ohlund an extension and the “C” when camp opens.  Or maybe they’re ready to go full on with Gillis’s youth movement and give it to Kes or Bieksa or Burr.

–  Kes is just oozing with confidence and wants to be a top 6 forward this season.  I love it when they get all ambitious like that. 

– It’s the best time of year!  Rookies are trying to steal a roster spot, veterans are fighting to stay in the mix, pre season is starting, no losses have piled up yet.  The season is still a surprise.  It’s lovely.  Bring it on.


3 thoughts on “Are Pigs Flying? And Other Training Camp Opening Excitement.

  1. just reading all this gets me so hyper! :)

    my hometeam just started their season with 2 exhibition games this week and the start of the season proper tomorrow.

    I am so hockeyed up right this second I could pop :)

    come ON my Canucks! I am SO confident they can make us proud this year :)

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