Four Things

Hockey is really almost here.  The Canucks shortest training camp ever started today, and their first pre season game is Monday.  I love seeing what guys come in with new hair cuts, and getting to see their new roster photos.  Lui is rocking a very short cut, and Kes is looking quite a bit blonder since the last time we saw him.

1.  My fantasy team was drafted, and I’m quite pleased.  The Wheaty Bitches are ready to rock.  I ended up with these dudes.


Zach Parise-Sid Crosby-Jason Pominville

Ray Whitney-Marc Savard-Petr Sykora

David Booth-Jeff Carter-David Clarkson


Zdeno Chara

Kimmo Timonen

Pavel Kubina

Tomas Kaberle

Shane O’Brien


Ricky DiPeitro

Marty Biron

2. Gillis and AV might wait until the season opener to announce the new captain.  They’re killing me.  I want to know now!  Apparently Gillis is using the four criteria the Yankees use to pick leadership.  They won’t reveal these criteria until after the captain is chosen.  Gillis is definitely a guy that works out of the box.

3. Darcy Hordichuk is blogging on the Canucks website.  This may be the greatest thing that will happen all season.  He might very well have already become my new guy Canuck crush with this news.

4. I hope Ryan Walter is on this…

The only place Mason Raymond and Taylor Pyatt are considered second line NHLers is in the Raymond and Pyatt households.

Here’s a guess: The Canucks won’t improve.

The defense is probably where the Canucks are weakest.

What does Mats Sundin’s dissing of Gillis’ whopper two-year, $20 million offer do to the team’s self-esteem?

These are all quotes from the jackass members of the mainstream media about the Canucks upcoming season.  I hope Ryan Walter posts them all over the dressing room, and gets the boys mad and fired up and ready to knock some heads.  He can encourage them to find the spirit within or whatever his mantra is.


8 thoughts on “Four Things

  1. Wow! The Paddleball Gamers have the same top line!

    I hardly know anybody else on my fantasy team, but I do know that I wanted Marc Savard and didn’t get him. But I guess I can take solace in my top line. :D

    (And don’t tell anybody, but I keep thinking that Pommerdoodle is a defenseman. Why is that, I wonder.)

  2. Thanks, Kirsten! And the pantless pirates is an AWESOME name!

    Rinslet, we did an auto draft, thank goodness. Otherwise I would have no idea who to pick.

    Patty, that’s a funny coincidence! I think that top line will do us proud.

    I loooove Marc Savard.

    Hee! Well, Pommers is a defensive forward?

  3. My line up is pretty ballin, eh?

    I did actually trade Petr Sykora for Nazzy, which may have been a move that I made with my ovaries, but oh well!

    I had to draft out of the East, so I’m kind of jealous you got Rick Nash. Luff him!

    That’s awesome you ended up with Marty Brodeur!

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