Not That It Counts…

Well how about that, huh?  The Baby Canucks(except for a few vets) beat the Oilers in the shootout.  The Oilers.  Not that it means anything.  But it made me smile. 

Matty looked like he was already in mid season form.  A very nice shot on his goal.  He was really helping out Heshka too.  Matty Ohlund for captain!

Kes and Mason Raymond were flying tonight.  Kes looked very confident!  A very pretty pass to set up the first goal.  It made me giggle that Mason Raymond decided he wanted to be a goon tonight and laid out Gagner and actually had a mini fight.  They maybe just need a bit more finish.  I’ll give them a break the first game.

Cory Schneider was soooooo hot!  Man is he good.  He made some absolutely gorgeous saves.  It’s going to be kind of rough watching him tearing it up on another team in a couple of years.

For all the critcism that Kyle Wellwood was getting this weekend over his fitness, he intrigues me.  He’s maybe not as fit as he could be, but he made some damn nice plays.  A beautiful move to hold the puck in for Matty’s goal, and he scored a beauty in the shootout.  He even backchecked and blocked a shot.  But, I guess it all depends if he can work hard consistently.

Dan Gendur looks pretty damn impressive for a 7th rounder.  A nice, hardworking goal to tie the game.  Good job, Gendur Bender.

I’m not sure if Jason Krog can stick on the big team, but I hope he takes all the Canucks centers aside and tutors them on faceoffs.  He was unreal in the faceoff circle tonight.  A gorgeous shootout goal too!

I like Rob Davison.  A lot.  He’s definitely making a case to be the last defenceman.  It might be fun to watch him and Bieksa knocking some heads. 

It was nice to actually enjoy watching the Canucks in a shootout.

A lot of posts were hit, nets were missed, and the defensive coverage was a little scary.  But that’s to be expected in their very first game of the year.

It sure feels good to have actual real life hockey to talk about.


4 thoughts on “Not That It Counts…

  1. oh dear oh dear oh dear – one of my best friends lives in Edm and is a huge Oil gal, but I just can’t help gloating today :D :D :D

    Wish I could have seen the game – we’re not getting anything over here until the season proper gets going – but thanks to t’interweb I share your joy :)

  2. Mason Raymond is definitely a cutie, MJ! Just wait until you actually see him score…Heh.

    Sarah, we have to gloat while we can :D

    Well, I would love to beat the Shames too, Kirsten. But beating the Oilers is also just way too fun.

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