Well Hey There New Guys!

Overall, a pretty boring game.  Not a lot of back and forth action.  But, it was another (meaningless) win.  And the new guys were able to successfully pimp themselves out.  I’m kind of having a love affair with the new Canucks.

Darcy Hordichuk apparently heard me mocking AV when I thought he was going to have Darcy riding shot gun with Hank Sedin on the top line with Jannik Hansen.  So what does he do?  Scores the first Canucks goal.  Heh.  He was hitting and skating well too.  Darcy really wants to be my Canucks boyfriend when Matty Ohlund is not in the lineup.

Demitra looks very snazzy.  He didn’t score, but he makes beautiful moves with the puck.  The power play already looks way more dangerous with him in the lineup.

Big Bear was absolutely rocking.  He had Oilers running around, he got his helmet knocked off several times, he was crashing the net and trying to get rebounds.  He’s adorable.  I am really pulling for him.  No finish yet, but it will happen.

I am just bursting with love for Ryan Johnson too.  He was incredible on faceoffs.  His shot blocking talents were on display.  He looked fabulous on the penalty kill.  Burr, Johnson, Hordichuk were quite fun to watch. 

Cody Hodgson didn’t look out of place in his first game.  He might not have absolutely wowed offensively, but he made some very smart passes, and is already so clever defensively.  I also love how he is so comfortable with the media already.  He is going to be a great NHL player.  Maybe not this season, but very soon.

I want Jannik Hansen on the big boy team.  His set up for Grabner’s game winner was absolutely gorgeous.  The boy can skate.  He also looked very skilled on the penalty kill.  I loved Grabby too. 

Yann Sauve is still too raw to make the team this season, but I’m very excited to see him down the road.  He is lovely.

Our returning guys looked quite good too.  Bieksa looks a lot like bad ass Bieksa of old, which is really great to see.  Sami Salo looked dangerous with his big slap shot.  What a treat if those two could stay healthy this season.  Not that it matters, because they will be back together for the regular season, but Hank seemed to fare better on his own than Danny did.  Maybe because he’s the playmaker.  (But I still love you Danny!)

Who knows how this is going to shake out, but it looks interesting so far.  Still pre season for sure.  I’m not excited yet.  Canucks fans don’t get excited easily.


8 thoughts on “Well Hey There New Guys!

  1. Haha we’re such whores. HAHAHA. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    I love everytime he was shaking his head and his hair was just moving with it and I’m like *o* hahahahahaa

    jk… (tho not really.)

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  3. Big Bear was absolutely rocking. He had Oilers running around, he got his helmet knocked off several times, he was crashing the net and trying to get rebounds. He’s adorable. I am really pulling for him. No finish yet, but it will happen.

    So I’m a few days late but no one ever claimed I was on the ball.


    I’ve been following his progress on the Canucks site. What number has he been wearing? His practice jersey was 18 but he always said he wanted to have the number 6 in his number. Hmmmmmm…

  4. Anne, He’s been playing so well! I hope he can does this all year. He’ll be a fan favourite for sure. He’s still wearing 18 as far as I know. He couldn’t use 16 because that’s Trev Linden’s soon to be retired number. And Sami Salo already has 6. I guess he could have done 61…but it’s not really a hockey number. 18 is 3 x 6 maybe? Heh.

    Oh we’re TOTALLY whores, Rinslet. Darn those pretty hockey players. :D

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