Babies Are Going Home. And Yes It’s True, Gillis Kind Of Loves Matty Ohlund.

The Canucks announced their first pre season player cuts today.  No surprises really.  Juraj Simek had some nice dangles with the puck, but isn’t nearly consistent enough for the NHL.  I will miss Yann Sauve and his pretty, pretty face.  But the boy would have been eaten alive if he played in the regular season.  It’s best that he goes back to junior and plays like a total beast.  Taylor Ellington reminded me of Willie Mitchell quite a bit in the way he used his stick (that’s what she said), but perhaps has to get a bit stronger before cracking the NHL.

TSN recently put out an article about Matty Ohlund and a recent interview with him that aired on Team1040.  They put a major spin on it, making it sound like there was no way he was sticking around after this season.  The smart, logical part of me knew it was just the crazy Canadian hockey media making something out of nothing, but the crazy fan girl in me was secretly majorly freaking out about losing my favourite Swede.  So it was with great relief that I saw this article in the Vancouver Sun today, and more specifically this quote from Gillis.

“We’re trying to make it a good fit for every player here,” Gillis said. “Clearly, he’s an exceptional player on this team and we want to do our best to keep him here. When you have a player who has played as well as he has over the years and his experience, it’s a great asset on any team to have a player like that. He’s been a great contributor here and I don’t see how that’s going to change.”

Gillis does know how to rock the bullshit, but I don’t think that’s the case here.  It sounds like he really does want to re-sign him.  Gillis might even love him a little bit.  Which he should.  It’s damn hard not to.


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